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10 Biggest Business Players Who Trust and Use WordPress

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If you are in a bubble and think that WordPress has a very small audience then you are so wrong. With the rapid increase in the audience of WordPress it is clear that WordPress Development Company and the developers are the new future of this platform. It was just an idea to take a look into WordPress’s spectrum and how it his spread across the world and here we are with the list of top 10 business giants that choose to be on WordPress’s platform.

If you are from technical world then you must have heard about this website. This website publishes new bunches and countless articles and it even gets millions of visitors each month. It tanks in the top most trusted websites for Tech Industry. It has been consistently using the WordPress and has always been content about it.

If you ever look at the beautiful, captivating, and comfortable design of The New Yorker, you will understand how powerful the publishing system of WordPress is. The New Yorker has recently shifted to WordPress and with the new look it is needless to say that how tremendous the website looks now. The website has been never that cleaner and readable navigable especially for the mobile users.   

We don’t think that we need to tell what Forbes is. This one of the most popular news platform shifted to WordPress and created a blog that is now read globally. After shifting to WordPress Forbes has been in the headlines and it is one of the busiest websites on the internet.

This television giant when created a functional website came to WordPress and you can take a look at it and it can be easily inferred that how happy they must be after choosing WordPress. BBC America uses multisite install, every site has a unique theme which is powered by the chief framework.

If you ever check the CNN website then you would understand how glad they are with WordPress. The famous on-air personalities of CNN like Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta contribute to the blog. The total credit goes to WordPress and CNN’s political team for the coverage of news and campaign coverage.

The most popular movie series of all time “STAR WARS” is based on the WordPress platform. Now if you are a fan of STAR WARS then you have to be thankful to WordPress too.

If you are a music lover then it is impossible that you have not heard about Sony music. The Sony music represents the world’s most famous music stars like Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Celine Dion and Justin Timberlake. So now you know how lucky you are for WordPress!

The glimpse of MTV’s newsroom life is based on the platform of WordPress. Yes! You read it right. The whole drama from behind the scenes to the sneak peeks of MTV bases on WordPress. Now that is interesting right?

You must have experienced the gigantic world of Ebay and that its whole world stages on the WordPress website. WordPress has always been there support these kinds of shopping giants so that they can engage with the public more effectively.

Xerox has always been sharing its contents with its family through the WordPress Platform. Xerox has one of the most influential blog in the world and it shares the personal and professional experiences of its users across the globe.

With this you must have understood that why WordPress is the backbone of these giants of the market. It is evident from these examples that WordPress is the new revolution and the WordPress Development Company is the new emerging businesses in the world. We also hope that WordPress developers will be in high demand in the near future.

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