Guide to First Time Buyers: 3 Goofs to Dodge When Buying a New Home in Singapore


Home seekers who are venturing for the very first time in Singapore’s real estate market can make the same mistakes that their predecessors have made. Finding a home that strikes well to a buyer’s aspirations is more complex than you think, specifically when you are making it for the first time. Owning your dream home, a well-constructed residence in Kent Ridge Hill may be your life’s biggest dream, but, you can lose your hard-earned money in the course of home-ownership if you don’t know how to take things further.

Owning a home is the largest financial transaction that someone makes in his life. But being ignorant to where property market in Singapore is heading to can lead you to lose not only your money but to make a bad property choice. You may sometimes end up believing that you are making a good purchase decision, however, it might be the worst choice of your life. “Ignorance is bliss” and “to err is human” but, not when you are into an important transaction like home buying.

You know well how significant a floor plan in Margaret Ville can be for you when looking for a home in Margaret Ville. But, also have some home buying hacks from property experts on board before you step ahead to make a property transaction in Singapore. The best hack to make the best property choice is – be aware of the mistakes that may drag you and your money to the greatest loss of your life. We are putting some mistakes in the following post that a worldly-wise home buyer should avoid when buying his first home. Read them out to make an informed decision:

Not Researching Property market beforehand

Budget is the only significant aspect that a home buyer’s decision revolves around while grabbing a home that is in of keeping with a buyers preferences is more about being careful many other aspects. From mortgage options to saving money for the down payment and property market behavior to an understanding of location and neighborhood are other aspects that a buyer must take a note of before delving into a property buying deal.

Ignoring the Nearby Amenities

Are you looking for a home in Stirling?  If you are, you are not supposed to let yourself arrested by just the by the Stirling residences floor plan. Keeping a floor plan of residence under your watch is indeed a concern to be mindful about. But, a home is not meant to be grabbed just for its appropriate floor plan. Take a look of location and walk around a property’s neighborhood. Find out if there are better amenities in the surrounding, e.g., schools, transportation facilities, and crime rate. It’s actually a way to make a well-informed decision.

Letting Your Decision Influenced by the Property Market

Needless to say that your home buying decision will overtly be influenced by the property market in Singapore. If you are buying a home in Woodleigh, you will first tend to dig real residences prices in Woodleigh, so that you can conclude your budget for home buying.  But, there are things in the real estate world that may influence your decision in a negative way. So better sort things out to make a better decision.

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