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5 Best Online File Converter Tools You Should Bookmark:

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We often get confused while uploading our data on internet, like even ordering womens leather jackets. File formats can be explained as specific languages which certain platform and applications can understand. File conversion tools aids in viewing our desired document on any type of operating system without having a compatibility issue. There is a large number of file formats we use every day such as Jpg, Png, Wav, and Mp3.

Usually, in olden days people used bulky computers and having properly installed MS office suite was necessary for making presentations, writing articles, memos and preparing other documentation. But with the advancement in technology, people use smartphones, tablets, and other portable electronic gadgets. Nowadays People need to communicate with each other and share large data within seconds. So it is very important to know the best file conversion tools, for easy accessibility.

Best PDF File converters:

Portable electronic format is widely used to provide a uniform format for sharing files globally, without having much compatibility provides a standard format for printing our documents, and our pages don’t get miss numbered and encounter other editing issues. We can easily view all office files on pdf, without worrying about the lengthy office installation in our phones. For example, if we have a large number of presentations created in PowerPoint, now we can also have a single merged pdf file, keeping them handy and secure. The portable document format (pdf) is widely used in academics and business purposes. Instead of carrying heavy books with us daily, we can have them in softcopy in eBooks, stored in pdf format on our mobiles and laptops.

Following are the five best converters websites you should bookmark:

  1. Online 2 pdf:

Online 2 pdf does not have the need for installation and performs a fast conversion, taking inputs in multiple formats such as Jpg, Rtf, Png, Docx, Xls, Ppt, pub and all other necessary Xps files. We just need to browse the file from our device memory and click on convert option, to have our file converted into pdf shortly. We can also convert several files at the same time, adding them in batch and have either the merged output or have multiple separate pdf files.

Best feature is that it allows great file conversion size available online does not charge for conversion of larger files, the maximum file size is 100 Mb.

It also have optical character reader enabled, so we can have our scanned images converted into secured pdf format. We can select the language first, of our scanned file and it is easily converted to text by use of this website.

2. I love pdf:

This website is very good for small file is designed to be used by a layman, without having any prior technical is very easy to use, giving step by step instructions, reducing all the is available in many languages so you can comprehend easily and use it in your daily purposes. It gives the best quality output, in a very short period of time. Processing is done at the fastest pace within a matter of seconds.

We often get doubted before uploading our files on any online platform because for small businesses, it is very important to keep our data secured. Hence this online tool keeps your data confidential and strictly secured.   Like other file converters, it also takes input in the widest range of possible file formats.

3. Small pdf:

Small pdf is considered as the best quality solution provider available in market. After exceeding to a certain limit, we can also signup for a free account and have unlimited access in a few simple steps. Hence you don’t need to worry and compromise on your standards. Just dropping your files into the converter website, enables you to convert your document into your desired file format.

You don’t need to worry about the accessibility, because it works fully on the cloud. So having an internet connection, you can easily view your files from anywhere.

4. Docupub:

This is a file conversion platform providing media conversion safe, fast and online, No installation is required, we simply upload the file and select the desired output format. We easily choose the delivery method either we want it to get directly saved in or pc or we want our file to be delivered by email and then simply wait for the conversion to occur. Maximum file size is 20 mB for each individual files.

5. Pdf 2 go:

This website enables fixed formatting allowing our pdf to look exactly the same on any other device used. Using online platforms we usually get spams and viruses which greatly harm our pc.pdf 2 go ensures there is no additional installation required for suspicious programs. Hence we don’t need to worry about malware, viruses and storage also has an OCR reader which lets you read text from images in any language desired. The conversion is 100 % secured, deleting your files from online server using the above websites we can get our desired files converted with complete satisfaction.

There are variety of formats which can be used to convert files to and from other formats:

  • Documents:


  • E-Book:


  • Images:


  • Presentations:


  • Spreadsheets:


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