5 common Pre-Wedding mistakes couples do


We know how a couple tries everything to be just “perfect” for their wedding. But with all the excitement going on, we tend to make some common pre-wedding mistakes which can create last minute problems. Like the late bookings of  Indian wedding cards designer which will eventually lead you to settle for easy designs and choosing a quick mode of printing which may not turn out that well. Here are 5 common pre-wedding mistakes couples do and the suggestions of how to correct them.

1. Late bookings of vendors

A late booking is another common pre-wedding mistake people do. Late bookings of vendors for your wedding, designers for your Indian wedding cards are some of them. From the caterers to wedding cards designers, from photographers to musicians, make sure you book everything well in advance to avoid last minute chaos. Moreover, last minute bookings usually lead you to pay a little extra.

2. Spend-thrifting

We know how happy you are as soon as your date is fixed. But just remember one thing weddings are expensive celebrations. So don’t just rush in making some “not so wise decisions” as soon as your “d-date” is fixed. Many couples just to celebrate go for a shopping spree without even considering the monthly cash inflow for that period. It will only bloat your budget. So the best way is to consult someone elderly who will accordingly guide you with planning the budget. This will also help in post-marriage budget planning too.

3. Last minute Experiments

“Experiments” are a strict no-no. Most of the times couples try a new diet to shed those extra calories either to fit in their “always dreamt of wedding dress” or to look more ravishing with edgy looks. Last minute experiments are totally not advisable. A sudden change in diet may help you in losing those kilos, but a sudden drop in weight can also lead to stretch marks on the body. Also if you have just found the perfect “fit”, it will hamper that too. Not only have that, “to be brides” tried some new beauty regimes. This can either turn your skin “all glowy” or may lead to undesired results too like pimples, rashes, skin reddening, allergic infection, etc. Hence it is suggested to just not risk it at the last time.

4. Too late to order wedding dress

One of the most common pre-wedding mistake couples make is the “late order of their wedding dress”. We know how much this day means to you and you just want the “perfect” dress for both of you. But you need to make it at earliest. If you are going with tailored apparels for your wedding, the pre-order is a must.  Choose your dresses in advance so that you can have enough timings for its alterations and fittings too. Also, if you‘re planning for “twinning”, you can have extra time to select the best for both of you.

5. Bloating the guest list

We know, growing in India, we often dreamt of “big Indian fat wedding” with thousands of guests and lots of functions with that music, amazing dresses, eventful ceremonies and a lot more. Well…well…well… back to reality. It may sound too good but it can actually bloat up your wedding budget. Inviting too many guests, even just the mere acquaintances are totally not suggestible. It may sound too good and generous, but is totally not a smart move to incorporate. While finalizing the guest list for your wedding, be selective as per the budget of the wedding along with the capacity of the venue you have selected. You want your wedding to be all fun, not some event brimmed with the crowd.

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