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5 Most Important Tips to Choose Your Wedding Dress

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The bride being seen as the queen of the party, she must bring to her outfit the greatest care. And to choose THE dress that will highlight you and that will fit you perfectly, better follow these tips:

1 -Make scouting

No need to run into a dozen different shops to find a dress, at the risk of exhausting yourself and not knowing what you have tried or not. Start by taking stock of your desires, the models you like in general and check the selections of the specialized press and online collections stores. You will also need to choose the creators that fit into your budget. If you are organizing a small wedding, go to the big manufacturers’ shops. If your budget is wide, So you can, Online Shopping in Pakistan Bridal Dress Then make an appointment in the stores that interest you for some fittings.

2 – The ideal companion

To have an “objective” opinion on the dresses you will try, have a loved one accompany you. Prefer a person who is known for his good taste and his outspokenness. On the other hand, avoid coming with a big band of girlfriends who are likely to disturb you with their divergent opinions and their endless comments!

3 – Choose a dress adapted to its morphology

Between the models we love and those that really showcase us, there is sometimes a gap. To avoid a fashion faux pas that may mark you for life, better then choose a dress tailored to your body. Thanks to our file “What dress for my morphology?” you will be able to identify the model that best suits your silhouette. But in general, remember that the fluid forms or “princesses” are well suited to round brides and the slender girls will dare models very close to the body. “At the moment of choice, you also have to worry about the shoulder line.If you have a very pronounced shoulder line, prefer a” boat “or” American “neckline that hides small defects. necklines will also go to women with more “bony” shoulders, just like dresses with small sleeves. ” remarks Sandrine Macé, General Director of Point Mariage.

4 – Consider your place of reception

Your wedding dress should reflect your desires but also the general theme of your wedding … You will understand, a wedding dress very elegant or covered with rhinestones will not be particularly suitable for a rural wedding on a farm! So choose a model that will not swear with your venue and the mood of your wedding.

Ditto if you only organize a civil wedding, brides generally opt for a short dress or a tailor.

5 -Every season his dress

Obviously, a dress for a winter wedding is not the same as for a summer wedding. It will pay special attention to the materials that make up the dress, sleeves length and especially the accessories to cover you! “For winter, taffeta, suitable for flying, satin duchess or velvet will be preferred to English embroidery.

6-Color or not?

Even if white remains dominant in the collections of wedding dresses, we see more and more colored wedding dresses. But in which cases crack?: “When you have a large body, it is better to avoid the color that accentuates the forms. If you want a touch more cheerful, however, we can very well opt for a two-color line with a colorful bustier and a light petticoat, on the condition, of course, to remain in tone on tone, then opt for a colored dress depends mainly on the complexion that we have. When one is pale, having a dress completely ivory can be quite sad .It is interesting, in this case, to bet on the duotone, side dress or side accessories. “

7- Feeling good

Make sure to choose a dress that matches your personality, your everyday temperament, at the risk of feeling complexed. No need to succumb to a very showy dress just because it’s a wedding when you’re usually rather discreet. Finally, remember that it is important to be comfortable in his dress, to move! “And especially, if you have a crush, do not hesitate, crack!”

8 -The dress and its accessories

“If you decide to wear traditional accessories with reference to your origins or your beliefs (veil, crown, gloves, flowers …), you will have to choose an outfit that lends itself harmoniously to it.”, author of the “Guide du marriage” at First Editions. Attention also to the choice of accessories in themselves and particularly the veil. If your dress is very busy, opt for a simple veil. On the contrary, if it’s simple you can afford to have a more original and elaborate veil. On the morphology side, know that a long veil forms a waterfall at the bottom of your back and adds softness to your figure. Short sails are more suited to small silhouettes (read more in the chronicle “How to comb with a veil”).

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