5 Netflix Tips to Boost Your Binge Watching


“Netflix is everywhere. It even comes with good plans like Frontier internet. Using Netflix is pretty straightforward but there are some tricks to boost your binging sessions. This blog explores five such tips.”

One of the best things I got with my Frontier internet subscription was access to Netflix on Quantum TV. Ever since Netflix first emerged on the scene, it revolutionised home entertainment. Today it has become an integral part of our daily routine. Everyone wants to catch a good movie or the next episode of a gripping TV show to unwind after work. Others love binge watching on the weekends and holidays. Whatever your viewing habits, Netflix delivers all the way. But did you know there are certain tricks to getting the most out of your Netflix experience? This blog lists five such tips to boost your Netflix binging sessions.

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1. Offline Viewing

What do you do when you know you’re going to be travelling but without a network connection for a while? Netflix offers a download option for offline viewing that allows you to download just about any movie or show you want. Almost all Netflix Originals are available to download for offline viewing, but you can also find other titles available. When the option is available, hit the download icon to save the show or movie for later viewing. You can also select the menu on the top left to see all titles that are “Available for Download”. Once you have downloaded something, you can find the content easily by going to the My Downloads section in the menu. There is an option to specify a download location under App Settings for Android users. This comes in handy when you have limited internal storage space and would prefer storage on your SD card. With recent updates, a Smart Download feature has been added for Android users. If you download an episode, Netflix will automatically delete the episode and download the next one when you’re done. This is pretty neat but you can always toggle it on and off in Settings under the Downloads section.

2. Profile Management

When two or more people use the same Netflix amount, their distinct interests get blended in a confusing recommendations list. This is a major bummer when you want a distinctly personalized Netflix experience. Luckily, to avoid just this problem, Netflix lets you set up your own unique profile. Each Netflix account allows the creation of up to five profiles at a time. This is a great way to ensure everybody’s getting the content they should be getting. Imagine if your toddler suddenly got a Narcos recommendation. Or you get Riverdale in your list because your teenager loves it. Having different profiles relegates each recommendation to specific users based on their interests. Netflix will ask which user is watching every time you sign in, and take you to a personalized homepage. Creating a profile is easy, simply hit Manage Profiles under My Profile in Account. This section will allow you to add, delete or edit user profiles.

3. Monitor and Block Users

Netflix restricts the number of people using one account at the same time. Depending on your plan, this can be one, two or four people at a time. When sharing accounts, it’s annoying to see the “Too many people are using your account right now” message. Early on, all Netflix would do when too many people were logged in was tell you the number of people. With recent updates, Netflix now lets you know which devices are being used on your account. This gives you information on who exactly is interfering with your Netflix sessions, including unwanted users. Is your annoying ex still shamelessly using your Netflix account? No problem! Simply go into Account settings and sign out from all devices. This will require all account users to enter the username and password at the next log in. This is much easier than changing your account password altogether.

4. Link Google Home

The Internet of Things has terrifying implications, but it is still useful nonetheless. Google Home uses Voice Match to recognize your voice and is aware of your viewing habits. All you have to do is program Google Home and ask it to open your Netflix queue and start binging. Link Google Home to Netflix by going to Menu on Google Home, select Google Assistant and go to More Settings. Here you need to hit Videos and Photos, select Netflix and tap on Link. This will connect Google Home to Netflix and will allow you to start watching stuff simply through voice commands.

5. Improved Recommendations

You may have noticed Netflix has done away with 5-star ratings and switched to simple thumbs up and thumbs down. If you don’t up-vote or down-vote a show or movie, Netflix assumes you liked it and recommends similar stuff. If you really enjoyed watching something, give it a thumbs up so that Netflix can give you better recommendations.

Netflix is a great source of entertainment and, in my experience, I haven’t once had any problems with it. If you’re having trouble streaming, more often than not it’s an issue with your service provider. To get the most out of it, follow the tips above and get a good plan like Frontier online deals. Happy binging!

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