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5 Proven Ways to Earn More Followers on Instagram

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Instagram is a highly popular platform not only among youngsters, but also among business owners. It has been recognized to be a highly popular tool for marketing along with networking and building a large audience base. Almost, 50 millions of images are posted on a daily basis. With a large base of fan, it has become more competitive than Facebook in a successful manner.

Instagram Blowing Away Failure

As per recent statistics, it has come under notice that engagement rates related to brands on social networks are not up to the expectation. Surprisingly, Instagram has blown this thing to a great extent. The engagement rate for brands on Instagram has served to be an epic. Higher the number of followers, higher will be your chances of success. Therefore, people are ready to take any effort to have active Instagram followers.

If you are a brand owner, then you must be expecting to get more and more number of followers. Due to high competition in the existing market, there are times when you lag behind thus getting nightmares. Little bit of innovation along with creative and smart work will help you to invite followers.

Tips to Earn More Number of Followers on Instagram

Are you eager to know how? Below are some easy to follow ways that will help you in earning more followers in a play way manner:

  • Establishing connectivity with other social media channels  

Social media has contributed a lot in making lives easier. Experts speak that connecting your existing Instagram account to other media including Facebook and Twitter will be of great help. Such an innovative step will let others know about your brand which is important.

Such an exclusive technique will open the gateway to let your friends discover you followed by letting you follow. Their connections will also know about you thus increasing the overall number of followers. Also, it will help you to discover new Instagrammers in an easy manner. Promoting your Instagram profile on other social media platforms will contribute in signaling your success.

  • Getting through a noticeable pattern

It is possible to gain success only when you try something new. It will attract attention from people thus increasing the total number of followers. An insanely designed photo will definitely let people tick on it. A pattern will definitely get created in an automatic manner.  

Photos that are simple, beautiful and serve to be thought provoking are generally loved by people. Every user desires to make their posts aesthetically pleasing. To stand out in the crowd, it is essential to go with exclusively designed and superior quality photos. Thinking out of the box will help you to climb up the ladder of success.

  • Creating highly pleasing and aesthetic stories

Getting your brand introduced to public through aesthetic and highlighting stories is another step to invite more number of followers. Best and high quality content will give you the golden opportunity for courting new followers. Also, it will provide them a sense regarding your brand.

Creation of highlights through planning along with analytics and blog posts will add a crisp to your post made. On your way to create stories, you need to ensure that they are in the same line with icons that are being included. Only then you will be able enjoy aesthetic benefits of Instagram.

  • Sharing exotic selfies

Nobody can deny the fact that Instagram is a social media platform. It is very much important to make your Instagram account relatable and personable to a great extent. It will help in showing about your brand in detail thus attracting more number of followers. If you go with selfies, your chances of getting likes get hiked to a great extent.

You may also go for personalized videos to set the tone along with sharing behind the scene footage. Regular appearance from the founder along with business team will leverage the overall popularity of the brand. Owners along with other team members will serve to be among well known spokespersons on behalf of the brand. As it will add more personality, chances of getting more number of followers will get increased.

  • Liking and posting comments on others posts  

Giving likes and posting comments on posts of other users will help in gaining more number of followers. As you will get mixed up with other users, it will be easy for their followers to know about your brand. On their ways to pay visit, you will definitely enjoy benefits of having more followers.

Simply posting your own image and videos will not help in gaining followers. Instead, you as the owner must move ahead to popularize your brand. On your way to post comment, try your best to post something impressive. It will give an overall good impression about you which will help to climb the zenith.

It is hoped that following the above mentioned tips will help Instagram users to earn more number of followers. Quality beats quantity. Little bit of research will be of great help.

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