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5 Proven ways to improve your conversions with smart e-commerce shipping solutions

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Customer satisfaction is the foundation of any successful business – especially an online venture. Your whole business moves ahead based on the reviews that your customers post, their feedbacks, their recommendations and their overall engagement with your brand. For an online business, one of the most important factors that helps to build customer satisfaction is your e-commerce courier service. The efficiency with which your products reach your customers speaks volumes about your brand. It is the first impression, you create as a brand. When your customer receives your product and experiences its handling and delivery, they evaluate your commitment and involvement in customer happiness. That is why the way you deliver the order and handle the shipping of it plays an immense role in creating a positive image for your brand.

Why you need to concentrate more on logistics?

Apart from this obvious advantage, there is another reason why you should focus more on your logistics services. That is because, a smooth-running shipping department can also help you in improving your conversion rates and therefore your ecommerce shipping solutions can increase your sales. Most e-retailers focus more on data analytics like site visits, statistics, abandonment rates, bounce rates etc for conversions. That is why they sometimes overlook one of the major conversion factors of an online business – logistics management.

Rising customer expectation – what you need to do

With the rise of online shopping, customer expectations have augmented tremendously. Especially since all the major players in e-commerce are now offering multiple features and choices for product shipping. This poses a huge challenge for all online stores and their e-commerce courier services to rise to those high levels of customer expectations. So how do you stay ahead in the competition? What are the changes you need to make in your delivery strategies to increase conversions? Below we have compiled a list of tips that will help you improve your conversions and sales through e-commerce logistics.

  1. Offer free shipping for increased sales

It has been well established for some time now that most people who shop online prefer free delivery option as one of the prime factors in choosing one online website over another. That means that if a particular product is available on your website where the e-commerce shipping solution charges a delivery payment and on a separate website without a shipping charge, then chances are that you will end up losing that sale. With almost every shopping website now offering free shipping options for their products, it has become necessary for all e-retailers to provide free shipping for their products in order to stay ahead in the competition.

If it is not financially viable for you to provide free shipping option for all your products, you can try other ways. One of the most common and easiest way is to rely on an e-commerce courier service that is affordable and provides you minimal shipping charges. If even that seems like a far-fetched idea, you can offer other attractive parameters for free shipping.  For example, you can set a free delivery threshold and attract your customers to shop more on your site in order to receive zero shipping charges for their purchase. This offer can also help you recover your shipping costs and further encourage your customers to make extra purchases. Additionally, you could have festive offers or weekend offers for free shipping. You can even go for free shipping for monthly subscriptions policy in order to increase revenue.

2. Offer faster shipping with reliable e-commerce shipping solution

With most online shopping sites now offering same day or next day deliveries, your customers now expect faster deliveries for everything. With the increase in demand, the courier services have also expanded their reach and offer various services that ensure faster deliveries. The key to achieving fast deliveries for every single order is to rely on multiple courier services and find out the faster option every single time. While this may seem like a herculean task, worry not. Technology has made it easier to now quote and compare multiple e-commerce courier services. State-of-the-art logistics aggregator platforms provide the option of choosing from the services of multiple courier services. This way you can compare the prices and the delivery time of each courier service and choose the most convenient option for your shipment. With some logistics service providers, you can even split a multi-product order among multiple couriers in order to achieve maximum benefit. Technology has made it possible for you to do all this within a single platform and with minimum effort on a reliable e-commerce shipping solution.

3. Provide multiple payment and delivery options

There are multiple reasons why a customer chooses to abandon their shopping cart on a website. Lack of multiple payment and delivery options is one such reason for customer dissatisfaction. Customers now like the idea of choosing the way they want their product to be shipped and delivered. With numerous digital transactions now available, try and provide the option to pay through multiple channels. This should always include a cash/ card on delivery payment option as well.  Most transactions in India still happen via cash. A business in India may find it difficult to reach out to many markets of India if it does not offer the COD option. Therefore, look for an e-commerce courier service for your online business that makes  offers you the COD option. Similarly, try to provide more delivery options to your customers like gift wrapping with a message and letting them choose the delivery date and time. Some customers do not mind paying extra delivery charges for faster deliveries while others are in no hurry. Give them the choice – it not only increases your customer satisfaction but also your conversions.

4. Share delivery details with technology-based ecommerce shipping solutions

Evidently, a lot of online shoppers tend to abandon their shopping carts due to a lack of delivery information. Information such as expected date of delivery and additional delivery charges are some of the key details that a customer expects from your brand. If you have a partnership with a third-party logistics aggregator for your brand, you can easily share these details with your customers for every single purchase. As mentioned earlier, a logistics aggregator provides you multiple courier options to choose from. Once you have made a decision on the e-commerce courier service for an order, you can easily share the delivery details with your customers as well. Platforms that are enabled with real-time tracking features will also let you track your shipments in transit. Here again, you can share the location details of the orders with your customers to put their minds at ease.

5. Provide easy return policy

A simple and easy returns policy can help you solidify your sales. According to recent studies, online shopping websites with a well communicated return policy have higher chances of gaining customers. This is because customers want to have the option of returning their purchase in case, they are unhappy or unsatisfied with it. Providing this option creates  trust for the quality of your products. However, this is possible only with a reliable e-commerce shipping solution as your logistics partner. Since you are an online retailer you do not have the opportunity to physically approach a customer and ask if they require any assistance. That is where your returns and delivery policy demonstrate your customer service and efficiency. So, by offering easy returns solutions, you can exceed your customer expectations and enhance customer loyalty.

Since delivery is the last impression that a customer has of your brand, you have to make sure that it is seamless and efficient. Choosing a reliable and experienced logistics partner with multiple ecommerce courier services can truly make your work much easier and consequently help you increase sales. With the help of your logistics partner you can create a shipping strategy that can attract customers through free and low-cost shipping. It can also increase sales through multiple delivery options and well communicated delivery information. In summary, while making these changes in your shipping strategy may seem like a lot of effort, with the right logistics partner, it can easily be simplified and also need not drain additional cost from your budget.

About Author:

Binny Joseph is an ecommerce marketing strategist with 5+ years of experience at StoreHippo. He writes extensively about the latest ecommerce trends and encourages people to take up the new ways to make their online business a better one. His articles regarding ecommerce platforms come from the rich experience of strategizing and handling online business across industry verticals.

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