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Sparkling Diamond Lockets

6 Effective Tips to Take Care of Your Sparkling Diamond Lockets

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If something increases the value of diamond jewellery more than any other feature, it’s the sparkle. So, to keep the sparkle intact and maintain its glistering allure, you need to take special care of your diamond jewellery.

In the absence of proper care, it can lose its attraction due to dirt and dust accumulating on its surface,or it may bear scratches. This brings dullness, and resultantly, decreases its charm. So, here’s are a few tips that will help you keep proper care of your treasured diamond locket. With these, you can also protect your other diamond jewellery pieces.

6 smart ways to keep diamond lockets protected:

Keep them away from chemicals

The first and foremost thing to take care of is to keep it away from harmful chemicals like chlorine. Many times, going swimming while keeping the diamond jewellery on makes the appearance look dull due to an effect of chlorine in the water.

Also, chlorine loosens itsgold or platinum base it is studded in, and you may lose it altogether.

Avoid wearing while performing a rough task

Rough tasks like gardening or cleaning homes can accumulate grime and dust on the surface of a diamond locket.A harsh brush-up with a rough-edged stone can cause it to bear scratches. So, while going for such works, it is best to remove it and keep aside for safety.

Clean with diligence

Sometimes it is not possible to remove the jewellery you are wearing. Also, ultimately it is bound to gain dullness with frequent or repeated use. It thus becomes necessary to follow clean up routine for the locket.

However, as sophisticated these lockets are, so should be their care. You need to make sure that while cleaning it up you do not wipe it with a coarse cloth piece or scrub. Keep the cleaning process diligent.

Give them a cold bath

Another way to keep them sparkly is to wash with cold water. For this, you need to create a mild solution that would have light detergent in one part and cold water in four parts. Keep your diamond locket in it and leave for a few minutes. Take out and rub the edges with a soft brush. Now, rinse and dry with a tissue paper.

Use an ammonia solution to clean

Ammonia has been found to bear useful results when cleaning up diamond jewellery. So, the best way to go forward with this solution is to find an ammonia-based cleaner like a glass cleaning liquid. Make it milder by adding some water. Clean the locket with this solution and pat dry with a soft cloth.

Store with care

Storage forms an integral part of caring for your diamond locket. Hence, make sure you keep it stored properly. For this, it’s best to keep it in a separate box. If there’s not enough space and you have to keep it with other jewellery pieces, make sure to wrap it in a soft cloth piece.

Diamond lockets are valuable possessions and you need to take proper care for them to last long.Protecting them from damage, keeping them safe and regular cleaning can keep their sparkle alive for years.

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