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6 Reasons to Invest money in Canada

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Canada is inviting all the investors from all around the world through its immigrant investor program Quebec to invest money and become a permanent citizen of the country. There are certain advantages for you to invest money in Canada, first is that you will getting a permanent residency in the country and the second one is that you will be contributing to the economy of Canada.

You should be optimizing your financial worth and receive all the opportunities. Here are 6 reasons to Invest money in Canada:


Canada is an extremely politically stable country. The budget deficit is at a moderate level and the balance of payment deficit is also extremely small. It is the most important partner in terms of trading which is then followed by China and Mexico to US. It enjoys a surplus in the trade with the States and it faces very minimal inflation risk since it has maintained a very sound monetary policy.

Volatility is something which is very less in the country as compared to that of US. The financial crisis, over the years has been seeing the smallest downturn or any of the G7 countries.


With the commodity of Canada booming over the past few years, the MSCI World Index has also started to double over the last decade. It is the fourth largest constituent of the index and comes on the second position in terms of fastest growing after Australia. The Canadian equity markets are now playing an important role in the global financial markets as it is negotiating the free-trade agreements with Europe and as well as India.

Oil and Gas

It is surprising to some people but the Alberta oil sands have as much oil as the entire Middle East. It is now becoming economically viable to refine it and with the modern technology it is more feasible now. The economists are pointing that the cost of transportation of oil will be becoming more important than the cost of oil itself. The country has the second or the third largest reserve of oil and it is dependent of the credibility of the Venezuela’s claims. It is also the fifth largest energy producer and the sixth largest oil producer. Canada is the third largest natural gas producer as well.

Mining Sector

The country is the world’s largest source when it comes to minerals like nickel, zinc and uranium as well. The price for the metals have been increasing after being hitting rock bottom last year.
There are about 65 companies in the materials sector and it is driving the most of the revenues from the international markets. Canada is also listed as the major gold producers in the world and they have been keeping their leadership intact for quite some time now.

Banking Sector

The Canadian banking sector is on the top when it comes to financial strength and the safety. Throughout the global financial crisis, the Canadian bank or insurance company didn’t filed any bailouts or failed. The banks are operating in a which result to high profit margins and there is also implicit promise of the government to protect it no matter what.


The Canadian companies have been paying comparibly higher dividends than any of those in the other countries. The banks, telecommunications and energy companies are the leading ones in paying higher dividends. Furthermore the value of the companies are undervalued as compared to the other countries.

Diversity is becoming the hallmark of any good investment portfolio. You would be able to invest in a lot of businesses and would also be able to start or expand a business. There are a lot of investors who are supporting entrepreneurs who are contributing to new jobs and introducing new products in the market. You can enjoy the process of creating and establishing the businesses and also building them into successful ones which will be providing a strong return with the investment.

Becoming part of the new ventures need backing of money and the people in the country are looking for ones. It opens the doors for a lot of new opportunities and introduces to new world which has higher returns involved in it.

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