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6 Stunning Places You Need To Visit During Monsoon In India

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All people like the monsoon season. During this time of the year, the weather is pleasant all day and the smell of the environment pleases everyone. The dry summer ends and everyone wants to get out of their ACs rooms and enjoy the slow mild breeze. The smell of the ground after rain is loved by everybody. It is the perfect time to see the beauty of nature.

Here are the 6 stunning places you should visit during Monsoon in India;

1) Shillong, Meghalaya

One of the best places you would want to go to is Shillong in Meghalaya. During monsoon, the whole place is covered with clouds and one feels like touching them. Shillong is known for its waterfalls, scenic beauty, misty clouds. The Elephant Waterfall and the spread Eagle Fall are at their best in the rainy season. The town of Shillong has amazing local food and drinks and the weather makes you feel relaxed and takes away all the troubles of the mind. This is the reason for Shillong being called the Scotland of the east.

2) Coorg, Karnataka

Another beautiful destination is Coorg in Karnataka. It is considered to be the most beautiful hill station in India. Its speciality is never ending coffee plantations that look amazing in this season. The other places are filled with alluring green trees and gardens. Other beautiful sites to visit are Jog and Abbey waterfall. The water flows at full speed in this season and gives you stunning scenery of a waterfall surrounded by green trees. Travelling can be expensive as well. To make your trip budget-friendly, use Emirates promo code and get cheap airlines tickets to your destination.

3) Udaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur is one of the most beautiful cities in India and a very common tourist spot. There are a lot of titles given to this lovely city like the city of lakes, Venice of the east, Kashmir of Rajasthan. It is known for its lakes and palace. During monsoon, all the lakes are overflowing with water. Another major tourist attraction in the city of Udaipur is the presence of a number of palaces. The Taj Lake Palace is in the centre of Lake Pichola as well as Jag Mandir while Nehru Garden in Fateh Sagar. The Sajjan Garh fort is known as the monsoon palace as it gives view to the whole Udaipur greens and lakes from the top.

4) Alleppey, Kerala   

Alleppey is the place for a relaxing monsoon vacation. Kerala is also called God’s own country and Alleppey, the house of God. The rain makes the rivers filled with running water. The best thing to do there is to take a backwater cruise (a boat-hotel) to its lakes and rivers. Just sit back in the boathouse and enjoy the scenic beauty of the lands and water from it. The sideways are filled with greenery can make one almost fall in love with nature.

5) Wayanad, Kerala

Another popular monsoon destination in the state of Kerala is Wayanad. The place is covered with the edge of western ghats and is known for large green hills and waterfalls. It is a best place to do adventurous things. Discover the ancient caves and good trekking of the mountains with friends and family. It is also famous as the locals celebrate a 3-day monsoon festival in the hill station which has a number of events to make your trip filled with a lot of memories.

6) Valley of flowers, Uttrakhand

Valley of flowers is a simple, beautiful and lovely monsoon site. Mountains flowers of almost all colours bloom after the rain. The valley is a part of a national park. Reaching there also include a small fun trip. You have to take a lovely scenic trek to reach there. The bliss of green mountains, Coloured flowers, trek combining all together is a good package of fun in rainy season.

Monsoon brings smiles on all the faces of many people. The waterfalls, mountains, lakes, rivers, gardens all are at the peak beauty in the rain. India is blessed with a lot of wonderful places to visit this season and the above six are the top options you should consider. Make sure to do your bookings in advance to avoid peek-pricing.

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