7 Genius concealer hacks every woman needs to know


Smooth, shiny and bright skin is the dream of every woman. There were the times when skin acne and blemishes were a big problem. But now these skin related problems can easily be coated by applying proper beauty products. So, no need to worry. By using the best concealer 2019, you can get rid of all the skin related problems. And can have a shiny and glamorous skin.

Concealer in makeup is basically used to hide the spots, flaws or blemishes of the skin. It is very useful if you apply it properly. Using it in the improper way will diminish its benefits. Therefore, I recommend you to try the best concealer 2019 and enjoy your life.

Here, we will discuss 7 genius hacks of concealer that will surely be helpful for you during your makeup. By following these key points you can have bright skin than before. Moreover, you will get rid of caky makeup and have a smooth skin. Thus, before any delay has a look at the below 7 concealer hacks that every woman must consider while doing makeup:

1. Always apply foundation before a concealer

Beauticians suggest that if you are applying foundation as a base for makeup then use foundation former to concealer. Because, due to the foundation, little concealer will be used. But if you use concealer before a foundation, then it will wipe off by applying foundation. Using foundation as a base and the perfect blending of it will retain your makeup for a long duration.

2. Right method to apply concealer on cheeks

As a matter of fact, every woman uses concealer on cheeks. But unfortunately only a few know the real trick to apply concealer on the cheek. Follow the below guide to applying concealer on cheeks.

Use the concealer on the cheek in triangle shape by drawing the base of the triangle below your eye and its point towards the cheek. Normally women use concealer starting parallel to the nose on the cheek going towards outside the cheek. It is an unsuitable method.

The correct method to apply concealer is to apply it in the given triangle shape. Using the concealer in this method will give your cheek lifting effects as well as hides the flaws of your cheek area, giving you a wonderful bright skin tone.

3. Concealer as a primer for eyelids

Sometimes when we apply eyeshadow, it starts to fall off after a short time or is not properly highlighted. In this case, first, apply a primer on the eyelids. Concealer also works as a good primer. So you can apply a little amount of concealer on your eyelids and then blend it thoroughly with the help of a makeup brush. Then apply eyeshadow. In this way, your eyeshadow will last for a long time.

4. Concealer as a lip liner

You can also use a concealer as a primer for your lips. Use the concealer outside your lips, after applying lipstick and lip-gloss. Your lipstick will stay for a long time and will not spread away or bleeds in the surrounding. Also, your lips will look glossier. You can also apply concealer in top and middle of the mouth to give the lips more chubby impact.

5. Concealer for puffy eyes

Worried about the puffy eyes? Mix together the concealer, highlighter, and cream. Apply the solution on the puffy eyes. Blend it properly. You will see how perfectly it hides the puffy area. And your eyes will give a natural gleaming look.

6. Concealer for the eyeliner

Applying eyeliner is really an art. if there is any difficulty applying it in eyelid then first use concealer with the help of makeup brush and then apply the liner .you can perfectly apply the liner making smoky eyes of your choice.

7. Which concealer to use

Confused about which concealer color to use? Use peach or pink toned best concealer 2019 for under eye blue dark circles. Apply the peach toned concealer with your ring finger under your eye. It will perfectly cover the blue dark circles and gives your eyes the beautiful fresh glowing look. If you have red pimples then use green concealer is to cover these pimples. Take a small amount of concealer and apply it to the pimpled and blemishes area. Mingle it properly. This will perfectly cover the affected area. Yellow toned contour is used for smoothing the uneven skin. Giving your skin a bright sunset glow.

Wrapping up:

Thus, if you want to look glamorous and beautiful then follow the above discussed 7 best concealer 2019 hacks. By following these concealer hacks, you can have a smooth and even makeup. And you will get rid of the fluffy and caky makeup that looks awful. Moreover, the best concealer 2019 will hide all the pimples and spots on your face. In short, using concealer in the right way will make you look more glamorous and pretty. Thus, follow the above concealer hacks and make your life more glamorous than before.


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