7 Reasons to Use WordPress Website, SEO Benefits of WordPress


There are many reasons to Use WordPress Website, some of them are mentioned below.

WordPress is by far one of the best and most popular CMS (Content Management System) used by 70 Million Website and growing.

WordPress is free open source CMS which is completely based on Php and MYSQL. Released in 2003, it has reached a massive popularity in these years, now all small and big business owners are preferring website on WordPress as it is maintaining and easy to handle.

So, the question arises Why WordPress is popular and why we should it?

WordPress is free CMS i.e. it is easy to install WordPress, deploy and upgrade also it also provides its own domain like www.example.wordpress.com for free.

As a creative web design company, we always recommend to choose WordPress as there are lots more benefits with it regarding SEO too and it becomes quite easy to rank a website in Google search results or SERP.

1. Ease in User Management

With WordPress it is quite easy to design any kind of website either its for small business to large enterprises, or portfolio to e-commerce websites. This CMS provides complete solutions for any kind of website you want to build.

2. User-friendly

It is user friendly platform enabled with drag and drop features which makes it easy to use platform even for a person with non-coding background. So, if you don’t know coding and wish to have own website with no budget then WordPress is for you.

3. Easy Customized Plugins and Themes

WordPress has numerous inbuilt themes and plugins which makes it quite easy to design almost any kind of website you want.

For non-techy folks or person with no knowledge of web design can also easily customize WordPress themes(templates) as it provides a user panel to make any necessary changes you need. User can easily change the logo, color scheme, background, images, sliders, forms and what not.

For adding functionalities to your WordPress website, it provides you numerous plugins.

Some of the most useful Plugins are:

  • WpForms: It is the plugins used for creating different type of forms such as email newsletter, sign up forms, subscriptions forms, payment forms etc.
  • W3 Total Cache: Page Speed is the most important concern and valuable factor when comes to SEO, the faster loading of a website makes it treat in Google’s eye to rank on top of Google. This plugin helps in compressing and clearing the cache which eventually improves the website loading speed making it faster to load.
  • Shared Counts: It is really important to maintain and grow the social media presence over all social media platforms and Shared Counts enables social sharing buttons on the website to make it easy for user to share your content all over the web and boost businesses online presence.
  • WooCommerce: It is the most popular e-commerce plugin.
  • WordFence: Security is one of the most important aspects of website which can’t be ignored, this plugin provides security to the website and give day to day updates of login attempts, themes and plugins updations and errors in the website. It is available as paid and free both.

4. Responsive Web Design:

Approximately more than half of the internet users open website on mobile devices, tablets or on other different screen sizes which makes it crucial to make website compatible in all kinds of screen sizes. With WordPress, website responsiveness becomes very easy as there are page builders available which helps in making website run on any kind of device with same ease.

5. Beneficial in Content Marketing:

Content Marketing is the future of the web as Google gives utmost priority to the content. Bloggers recommends WordPress if you are going to start with the blogging and there are many blogs running on WordPress. It is very easy to update the existing content, images and tags which makes it first choice for the bloggers.

6. Website for Every Business:

Yes, you read correct. There is website for every business on WordPress.

Some of the categories are as listed:

  • E-commerce Website
  • Blogging Website
  • Job Posting Website
  • Business Directory
  • Portfolio Websites
  • Multi Lingual Websites
  • Coupons Website
  • School Websites
  • Events Website
  • Tours and Travel Website
  • Real Estate Website
  • Institute Website
  • NGO Website and much more.

7. SEO Responsiveness:

WordPress gives biggest advantage in SEO(Search Engine Optimization) as it is made in standard compatible high-quality coding along with providing easy optimization of posts and content with mobile responsive design and easy navigation, which makes Google bots and all other internet bots and search engine loves WordPress and gives priority in Search Engine Result Page(SERP).

 Google always keeps changing its algorithms and for getting good ranks in Google it is very important SEO webmasters to follow Google guidelines and instructions which Google announced so as to keep the web spam free and give user quality content.

Here comes another important algorithm update or SEO factor which Google strongly follows is Responsive Web Design, as 80% of users access website via mobile phones or any other devices. So, its really important to make website responsive so as to acquire good rankings in Google.

 Friendly URLs is one of the most important things in SEO which is needed to be taken care, and with WordPress it automatically provides friendly URL Structure.

 Also, I would recommend to use Yoast SEO plugin. It is free and helps in SEO as it provides clear idea of what are the things needed to be changed.

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