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7 Things to Keep in Mind Prior to Pursuing SEO Internship

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Taking on an internship is a route many graduates take in the hopes of success. If there are jobs available, the route is challenged. Understand what your career goals are and if this is going to be beneficial to you achieving those goals. Write a personal statement for internship as soon as you make the decision. It can seem easy to write a convincing personal statement, but it takes more time than one assumes.

Find a reputable company to do your internship with. This is going to be one of the more important decisions you have to make. When you are with a reputable company, there’s a chance of employment after the internship. If that fails, you need to be able to mention the company you did your internship with and get a reaction. Sure, you will gain experience, but the world we live in does recognise certain company names. There are a few things you should keep in mind before you start applying for SEO internships.

1.   Experience over qualifications

Most companies are looking for experience right now. You need to be qualified, but the majority of the consideration will be based on your level of experience. During your internship you will be required to get the job done. If you have prior experience in SEO, it becomes much more doable. This is what companies are looking for. Remember, an internship is not a course you are taking. You will have to work as if you were employed by the company. If you can do the work without much supervision, you stand out and will likely receive the internship.

2.   Indirect training

Although this will not be a course you are taking, the training and experience you will gain is valuable. You will be spending time around people who are experts in the field and that is a good way to get yourself to that point as well. A sop for research internship sounds complicated, but you need to give your all when you write yours as well. Getting your foot in the door is the first goal. Once you are there, the indirect training can start. No one is going to sit with you and give you a step by step guide. You will learn through observing others in the field.

3.   Write down your goals

In order for this to be beneficial, start by writing down your goals. Sometimes we rush into things without knowing what the desired outcome should be. You cannot measure your success without a goal line. Before you apply, make sure that this internship is going to help you get ahead. If it does not tie in with your goals, it might be best to not do it. Everyone has a different path and you don’t have to necessarily take on an internship if it’s not going to help your career goals become a reality.

4.   Do your research

Don’t just walk into an internship blindly. Know everything you can before you send in your application. Research is a huge part of the decision making process. Start by reading up on various SEO companies and what their mission and vision statements say. Does this tie in with your own believes? Then you want to look at their intern programs. If you can find the information, it is always advisable to look at the success rate of previous interns. It’s just good to have an idea of what to expect.

5.   Consider moving

If there is an internship available in another country, it can be a great experience to move. Working on an sop for Australia student visa won’t take you much longer than doing a local one. It’s exciting and can open a lot of doors for you. There are also remote internships available. Working remotely is a good opportunity for people working in SEO. You might find that a new area is just what you needed. If not, you can always move back. It’s about finding the right opportunity, even if it isn’t in the area you live in.

6.   Beyond SEO

Taking on an internship is more than just gaining experience in the field. You have the ability to now understand how companies function. There are job specific skills you will gain, but if you haven’t worked anywhere before, this is a great chance to learn. Companies function differently. You will gain a lot more when you pay attention to what is going on around you. There might even be a change in career for many interns. When you see what others are doing, the box you live in becomes a bit bigger.

7.   You’re good enough

One of the reasons people don’t apply for internships or jobs is because they don’t believe that they are good enough. You are simply putting your name in the hat. Even if you have a few negative responses, don’t allow it to diminish who you are. The time you invested into perfecting this skill is enough. You are enough. You cannot be hired if you don’t apply. Stop doubting and start doing. The right company will have a seat with your name on it. It might take a short while, but it will happen.

Are you considering a career in SEO?

Finding your place in the job market is tough. There are tons of other people who are trying to do the same. Keep in mind that you are moving towards your own career goals. You are also unique and even if your goals seem unrealistic to someone else, it can happen. It takes hard work to get into the technology industry, but there are new positions opening every day. Don’t let location hold you back. There are a lot of companies willing to hire employees remotely. With SEO related jobs, you can work from anywhere. Some people enjoy the idea of going to an office, but you can set up an office at home. Alternatively, apply for an in-house position.

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