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8 Unique and Beautiful Gifts to give with your Wedding Cards

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Our traditional values insist on giving a gift with wedding cards. primarily it was the “mithai ka Dabba” which was later replaced by chocolate boxes, boxes of cookies and many more. Are you also looking for some handmade gifts options to accompany with wedding invitations? Well, we have shortlisted some of the best options that will surely WOW your guests. These options are far from conventional favours but are renowned for their utility and eye-pleasing appearances.

  1. Rose water or a beautiful bottle of Ittar to add scented fragrance of Love

This is one of the ideal options when it comes to choosing favours to accompany with Indian wedding cards. Imagine how beautiful it is to add the little bottle of rose water in the box with your Indian wedding Cards that add the flowery fragrance to your invitations. This is one thoughtful gift that can be used by the recipients. It is one affordable choice as well and when packed in a little fancy manner look absolutely amazing. You can even add little bottles of Ittar (handmade perfumes) as well to add a more luxe feel.

2. Dry fruits with little-added charms because nobody mind little edibles

Who say giving dry fruits are one of the boring choices you will make to choose gifts to give with your wedding cards. There is one option of coated nuts that will make your guests nuts over them. There are options where nuts are either coated with or glazed with or sprinkled over with the range of appetizing items. This is one of the most thoughtful blends of tradition and modernity. Jaggery coated almonds, pistachios coated with cinnamon powder, Pan flavoured raisins are some of the popular choices you can see people prefer to add up in this dry-fruit box.

3. Handmade soap for something scented and unique

It may sound a bit unusual to add the soap as the wedding gift with your Indian wedding invitations. But to be very honest, it isn’t. One of the best things about scented soaps they can be built customised in any shapes and can even be infused with your favourite flowers. People usually prefer rose petals to go along with these handmade scented soaps. You can even get your initials imprinted on these soaps. Moreover, this is one of the gifts always fancies by the recipients as well. They can use it too. A gift with looks and utility, what could be better than this handmade soap with your wedding cards.

4. Cake in a jar because you can never get enough of cakes

Who doesn’t love cakes? The answer is surely nobody. Because everyone is madly and deeply in love with this edible delight. When everyone is so much in love with it, why not add this while making the announcement of your “D-Day”. This is one of the most awesome things you can add as the gift with your wedding cards.

There are these glass jars which are full of layered cakes. Now just one sight of the jar will make every eye fall in love with it and the flavours are surely tongue-tempting. It looks little bundles of edible rainbows. All your guests will surely remember this gesture of yours for so long. There are many bakeries and confectioners wherein you can get them and also they are very affordable to that of chocolate boxes or conventional boxes of Indian sweets.

5. Scented candles to brighten up everything

Don’t you fancy those beautiful scented candles? When lit up they can brighten the entire room and brim it with flowery fragrance. Even scented candles have been proved to be the mood uplifter as well. Now think how much your guests appreciate you if you add this with your Indian wedding cards as the gifts. They are a perfect addition to decor and look absolutely appealing. These candles are available in different sizes, shapes and in different fragrance as well. You can easily make your choice.

6. A box of essential oils, incense sticks and organic lip salves in a beautiful box

This is one of the most popular choices when it comes to accompanying a box full of delight s with your wedding invitations. For your winter weddings, you can add the organic lip salve as well along with essential oils. There are many organic oils which have proved to possess medicinal properties like the essential sleep therapy oil, hibiscus oil, tea tree oil and so many more. To complete the box you can add incense sticks as well. There is no need to buy a complete box of it, you can assemble it and then even wrap them in little fancy boxes. Ione thing to be considered here is that they are a bit on the pricey side.

7. Beautiful bookmarks as the KEEPSAKE

If you are a book lover and want to add the flair of it then you can have these beautiful bookmarks added as the wedding gifts. This is one unique idea and probably the most thoughtful one. also, this is where your wedding invitations will always be remembered as these bookmarks are cherished by every recipient. So, if you’re confused about whether to go with something edible in favours or something inedible, then go with it without any second thoughts.

8. Garden Seeds to be flourished well in their space forever

Little bottles containing garden seeds are considered as ideal wedding favours. If you’re planning to have an outdoor wedding then, this serves as the perfect connotation as well. You can choose the seeds of the plants that are easy to grow and are suitable for both, indoor and outdoor environment. Some of the popular choices are basil, mint, lemongrass, lavender, etc.

These are some of the most unique combinations of gifts you delight your guest with. Adding them in the gift box with the wedding cards will not only delight the guests but make your wedding invitation the talk of the town. You have got so much planned for your wedding and you are leaving no stone unturned to make it nothing less than a “dream wedding”.

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