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9 Smart Home Trends to Follow in 2019

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Trends for the homes in 2019 are going to be smarter! And by smarter, we mean they are going to be more connected to the technology platforms than they ever were. The concepts of automated home security, remotes, and mobile monitoring are not new anymore. Gone are the days when you were to manually control everything. The concept of incorporating AI has revolutionized the appliances and gadgets. That time is not far when you wouldn’t need a boiler cover or a home cover. Your smart home and appliances will be automatically scheduled for a cleanup or service.

Read on to which smart home appliances and amenities will trend in the year 2019.

Top 9 Smart Home Trends for 2019

  1. Voice/Audio Control
  2. Scheduled Automation
  3. AI Will Increase Control, Efficiency, and Customization
  4. Improved Home Security
  5. Smart Mirrors
  6. Portable Door Cams
  7. Multipurpose Sensors
  8. Patio Umbrellas (Robotic)
  9. Heating Controller (Electric Baseboard)

Let’s know them better.

Voice/Audio Control

Imagine a house full of appliances, which are controlled by your voice! Technologies in the house need to be integrated more. It has become necessary and more convenient to control various technologies in your TV, smartphones, home audio, cars and other gadgets via voice. The market now has Wi-Fi devices with built-in speakers to provide audio alerts. By connecting Alexa or Google Home, you can control all your gadgets via voice commands. How fancy!

Scheduled Automation

Modern homes are going to flaunt appliances, which are following a scheduled, integrated routine. A decade ago, people could only imagine such things. But now, they are a living reality. In 2019, we will witness how future commands are going to be more integrated. They are even going to offer a wake-up routine by turning on lights or turning off the air conditioning. It can also go to an extent of brewing the coffee and turning on a news update on your 4K TV. Watch it happen!

 Increased Control, Efficiency, and Customization with AI

When it comes to technological efficiency, you are going to witness miracles. Everything from radio volume to appliances, to security, have transitioned. They are now going to be controlled from a common central point. AI’s development is allowing various platforms to interact and connect. We have reached an age where every device and gadget will adjust automatically to the user’s pre-set preferences.

Improved Home Security

This was perhaps needed more than anything else! Home security monitoring and surveillance will improve in performance. It will be able to combat any break-ins, crimes and will ensure the protection of all the physical property. We are expecting new devices and learnings to surface in 2019, which surround unique ways and hacks to keep home security a priority. You will have better and more intuitive options in technology with easier extension and integration. Wireless cameras are everywhere. And if you haven’t gotten one installed already, then you should. It’s time to put your home security first!

Smart Mirrors

When it comes to remodeling home spaces, bathrooms and kitchens have claimed the top spots in the list. It provides tons of opportunities to tech giants to bring on new concepts to redo and model them. One fancy innovation in this regard is smart mirrors. They are ideally suitable for bathroom renovations. You can find many companies, which are manufacturing these mirrors with cool features. You can get them in customized styles and sizes. They are as good as having entire computers. You can even download a variety of apps. No wonder these companies are building their TV portfolios. You can get streaming services, smart home products, third-party apps, and even weather forecasts on these smart mirrors. Bluetooth is also built-in so that you can stream music and play it in the mirror’s integrated speakers.

The integration of music and control are massive selling features! Some brands are working on mirrors with in-built Amazon Alexa capabilities.

Portable Door Cams

When you think about your clients and their kids, think about the kind of places, which they live in. They may be residing in a dorm room, an apartment, or a shared room. In such places, cutting, drilling, and mounting any products is almost impossible. Because most of the times, it is prohibited. This leaves quite a few home security options. But companies have not left this front uncovered. They have invented portable door cameras. Just like a hook-rack, a door cam hangs over any door. It comes with an adjustable bracket that can easily fit any door with any width. You can even install it on a door with a very few screws. In addition to easy and hassle-free installation, it has impressive surveillance and monitoring capabilities.

Multipurpose Sensors

For a smart home, sensors act as the sentinels. They are the key elements to sense any changes in the environment of the home. That’s how they transmit alerts and engage automation scenes. With the passage of time, sensors have evolved. They have become smarter, versatile, and proactive. There are companies, which have taken an innovative approach to sensors and their utilities. One instance is Samsung. It has developed SmartThings line and it can be used for a variety of purposes. You will see more utilities of sensors this year!

Patio Umbrellas (Robotic)

You must have noticed that outdoor living spaces are essentially added to modern houses. People are spending fortunes to transform their backyards into legit living spaces. They are adding high-end audio systems, fully-functional kitchen, weather resistant display systems and even landscape lighting to their outdoor spaces. In addition to all these fancy outdoor equipment, you are going to witness robotic/automated patio umbrellas as an essential part of outdoor amenities.

Heating Controller (Electric Baseboard)

Electric baseboard heaters are going to be essentially installed in every house. They come with a Wi-Fi smart thermostat that is exclusively made for heating mode. These fancy thermostats feature modes such as vacation mode, scheduling, zone control, and so on. They can be controlled via remotes and even mobile apps.

While all these innovations look promising and incredible, to be on the safe side, don’t cancel your central heating cover. You never know when you can need the traditional way of household maintenance! And the cost is still affordable!

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