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A Wish Granted And Decency Adored

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Like every other Muslim, my final wish was to perform Umrah with my whole family. Though I was young and had enough financial resources to take my family to Umrah as I did a few years back. I decided to take my parents to Umrah once again but this time my wife and children were also a part of this plan. We were looking forward to performing Hajj as well but due to some issue, our application was not getting accepted. So I called my cousin and asked him to arrange our trip with the same travel agency in the United Kingdom. We were so happy to find our self on the point where I, my parents along with my own wife and children were going to visit Allah Almighty’s Home. This holy pilgrimage is a precious asset of every Muslim’s life and no matter how many time we perform Umrah or Hajj every visit is different from the previous one and happiness of getting another chance to go it is unexplainable.

A Visit

One day my mom told me that she is going to meet her old friend which was living in the same city we are but she is abandoned by her family. I accompanied my mom to her friend’s home which was an old apartment with a very tidy and neat look. This showed me that how decent the lady was. Mom told me that after the death of her husband she refused to disturb the life of her children and preferred isolation than rotating from one child’s home to another. As she had only three daughters and they were settled in different cities and no one was willing to take this responsibility. While we were sitting she told my mom that her last wish was to visit Holy Kaaba for once in her life. She also told us that she has been browsing cheapest umrah packages but none of them were appealing and somehow she has to cancel the plans most of the time.

A Decision

After we returned from her home, I don’t know why I was not able to concentrate on anything. At night I was only imagining how painful her journey with this isolation must have been. I discussed my cause of depression with my wife and she suggested me to take her with us as well. I don’t know how but suddenly I was ready to take her responsibility. Though I have never interacted with her that much still mom used to tell us how she helped her when dad was searching a new job here. So yes my decision of taking us along was final.

A Request

Our trip was almost arranged and there was no other vacant seat available so I requested the traveling agency to somehow accommodate the seat of another person. I talked to my mom and she talked to her friend, at first she was not agreeing to go with us without affording herself. Then I talked to her myself and convinced her by saying that I am also like her son. Now the important thing was that my budget was also getting out and I wanted to arrange the best trip. Then I saw this cheapest umrah package on the list of packages mentioned on the same traveling agency’s page.

Umrah Package Selection

There were many packages but what I liked the most was 10 Nights 3-star Umrah Package. This remarkable package offered exactly what I needed and I was amazed to see that this package was available. So without wasting my time I contacted the traveling agent and he told me the details of the package. Let me share those with you also:

10 Nights Stay

The package I selected was of 10 nights stay and they told me that this stay I totally arranged to accommodate us with all the facilities. They also told me that I can contact them anytime and I knew they are speaking the truth as I have traveled with them before. At that time I remember that mom got lost and her cell phone was out of reach I contacted the agent and then he told me that mom was offering prayer with other group and she is fine. So this rapid service was provided by the active team present in Masjid-al-Haram.

Direct Flights

We were offered the direct flights and their cost was very less. This is the best accommodation and I admire this effort of my traveling agency the most no matter what package you select every deal is going to favor you in all the ways.

Stay in Makkah

We were told that our stay in Makkah is going to be of 5 nights and the hotel which we were offered there were only 10 minutes away from Masjid Al Haram. This was very convenient because I have to take care of all the group and in our group, there were the old and the toddlers also (my son was 2 years only and daughter was 5 years old).

Stay In Madinah

The same situation was in Madinah that we were offered amazing 5 nights stay in the hotel which was in the center of all the important Ziyarats. So we were able to complete the ziyarats more easily than I was expecting.

Food and other stuff was not included in the Package

Though the food and other minor stuff such as most of the transport for visiting any place were not included in the package, the hotel we checked in was located on the points which were close to almost all the important food points. We usually ate from a fast food restaurant there and the food was also quite hygienic and tasty.

The Biggest Accomplishment

We do deeds to satisfy ourselves and in doing so we totally forget that actually being human is to take care of other creatures of Allah as well. When my mother’s friend returned she was so happy and content that her happiness, the smile and the satisfaction which I saw on her face that time was my reason to feel successful in front of Allah and myself also. I would recommend all the Muslims to look for such people and try to solve their issues as this will give you inner peace, trust me! Another thing is that there are many agencies offering cheapest umrah packages so do take your parents on Umrah, it’s not that much expensive and difficult if you have dedication and determination towards Allah Almighty, and HIS creation.

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