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AI: The ray of hope for aging individuals

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In their old age, people require special care and attention in order to enhance their life quality and overcome various age-related issues. However, not all the senior citizens have a caring family or children who look after them. Many senior citizens live a solitary lifestyle after they retire. It makes things all the more complex. There are various ways in which such senior citizens can be helped. One of the most innovative ways is to engage AI or Artificial intelligence in taking the ideal care of the senior citizens and offer them the right companionship to save them from stress and worries. So let us know various ways in which AI can prove to be the best companion of the senior citizens:

Helping the senior citizens in recovery

Once the senior citizens discharged from the hospital, they might find it is difficult to take their care on their own. For instance, they may not be able to follow the prescribed routine to cope up with their present medical condition. Some senior citizens may find it is difficult to follow the specific instructions to perform certain exercises. Some may lose drive and others can start returning back to their normal lifestyle once their symptoms start improving a bit. All these things can eventually prove to be detrimental for their health.

The AI-enabled chatbots can perfectly help the senior citizens in properly following the instructions of the doctor- right from taking the right dosage prescribed medicines till starting and maintaining the new schedule as per the doctor’s guidance. It will not only help the senior citizens to overcome confusion and stress but can also accelerate the recovery process by streamlining their schedule to perfectly align with the doctor’s guidance. Likewise, AI chatbots can also remind them of when to see the doctor and saving them from missing crucial appointments.

Establishing friendly relations with the senior citizens

The AI chatbots can not only help the senior citizens to maintain the schedule, medication, and appointment but can also start friendly relations with them at least to a certain level. In addition to being intelligent, the chatbots can be witty too and are apt in engaging conversations. Besides, the AI-chat bots can also offer the communicating skills to align best with the specific inclinations and personality of an individual.

Motivating them to go outdoors and socialize

Along with physical issues,social aloofness is another major issue faced by the senior citizens. The socialization helps in keeping the people motivated. Here, too the AI can play an active role by updating them about the latest social functions and other local information about their neighborhood. It inspires the senior citizens to go outdoors and meet with the people or indulge in the activities that they like the most.

For instance, their citizens who love shopping might decide to visit their neighborhood shop when the AI tells them about the latest promo offers run by that shop. Likewise, the senior citizens who love nature can be motivated to attend the spring exhibition in the nearby park where a variety of fresh seasonal flowers are at the display. Thus the AI can also play a good role in helping the senior citizens to go outdoors and rejuvenate. It also helps them in keeping their spirits high.

Allaying insecurities

Insecurity is another major condition faced by senior citizens living alone. Over a period of time, they may develop a number of insecurities. For instance, they may suddenly fall ill with no one to look after them. However, the AI can precisely identify such situations even before the senior citizens can realize the same.

Thanks to the sensor-enabled clothing and other wearables, the AI can easily extract the key information and proactively offer the solutions before the condition can get worse. For instance, the AI can extract the information from the wearable monitors the heartbeat and upon finding any abnormality it can quickly alert the related family doctor or specific healthcare organization. Thus it ensures that the senior citizen should get eh right treatment before it is too late.

It helps senior citizens in two ways. Firstly, it can affect them from becoming victims of sudden health complications and secondly, it allows the insecurities of the senior citizens by reassuring them that there’s a reliable companion who is constantly monitoring their condition can take proactive steps to save them from any sudden undesirable conditions.

Indoor games and light sports

The research shows that indulging in various indoor games and even light sports activities can help people to start feeling better. Following specific game rules, planning strategies, dodging the opponent and calculating the upcoming stakes or opportunities can successfully divert the senior citizen’s attention from worries of their life. Likewise, the drive to win the game offers them a positive feeling. However, the senior citizens who are living alone life don’t have any companion to play with.

The AI can learn to play various indoor and outdoor games like chess, snakes, and ladders or even table tennis. Thus they can prove to be a good gaming companion for the senior citizens and can keep them engaged and entertained.

Imparting Education

Another best way of keeping the stress at bay is to indulge in acquiring knowledge. When a person starts acquiring knowledge the new topics, he starts feeling empowered and better equipped. It also offers a youthful feeling. Many senior citizens who restart their studies during the golden years of their age encounter number of positive changes in their entire lifestyle. Here too the AI can help a long way.

As opposed to the passive system of learning via books or internet, the AI can not only help the senior citizens to acquire knowledge in a better, interactive manner but also keep them engaged in various activities to measure their progress. Over a period of time the depression, unrealistic insecurities, and other worries are mitigated as the mind is occupied with healthy thoughts of assessing their success and acquiring new knowledge.


A senior citizen needs special care and one of the most innovative ways to take care of the senior citizens is to engage Artificial Intelligence as their caretaker. Today the AI-enabled chatbots and robots are so advanced that they can not only help the senior citizens overcome their health issues but can also keep them engaged and entertained. In this blog, we have talked about various ways in which AI can prove to be the best friend of a senior citizen.

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