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Answering Your Question – Can Liver transplantation Save My Life?

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If you are suffering from a liver disease which is at an end-stage or which can damage your liver, then you will need to get the liver transplant surgery done. In medical terms, it is also known as the hepatic transplant. A liver or a part of liver donated from a deceased or living donor replaces the diseased liver of the recipient.

What are some major problems in the Liver Transplantation Surgery?

Some major problems associated with the Liver Transplant Surgery are the problem in placing the donated liver in place of a diseased liver. Other than that, if the liver doesn’t work properly or is working poorly after the transplantation. If any infection spreads which is very common. Bleeding may also occur just after the surgery. So, the doctors and the surgeons need to take special care of all these things.

For how long the liver transplant recipient need to take the medicines?

It depends on the type of liver transplant surgery. Also, it varies from individual to individual. After the surgery and as per one’s health and medical condition, the liver transplant surgeon will provide certain prescriptions. With time or after 3 months from surgery, the doctor may reduce the number of medications given. Also, he may stop all the medications or may ask you to take some medications for lifelong.

Is it possible to resume a normal life after liver transplant surgery?

Yes, one can resume his/her normal life after the liver transplant surgery. Initially, just after the surgery, it is not possible to get back to normal life. As it may take around 3 to 4 months’ time in the complete recovery. After that one can start their work again. But before that, do go for a check-up. Also, ask your doctor what all the precautionary measure you need to take. If your doctor suggests you some medicines or rest for some more days, do follow that.

Statistics of Survival of Liver Transplant Recipients

As per the survey, the chance of survival after one year of Liver Transplant Surgery is around 89 percent. After five years of Liver Transplant Surgery, there is around 75 percent chance of survival. As many times some complications occur after the liver transplant surgery. Either the body does not accept the new liver, or the old liver disease may occur again.

Take these precautions after Successful Liver Transplant Surgery

Once you have undergone the successful Liver Transplant Surgery, your doctor will suggest you few changes in your lifestyle, your diet, and exercises. Try to bring these healthy habits in your life for avoiding any further risks once you get discharged from the liver hospital.

•    Quit smoking and control excess alcohol consumption.

•    Maintain the hygiene, especially for the next 3 months after the surgery.

•   Go for a regular checkup, so that you can keep yourself away from the risk of getting other diseases by getting proper treatment on time.

•  Do not skip the medicines. Always take the prescribed medicines in the dosage recommended by the doctor.

•   Weight gain is a common problem after transplant, so do mild exercises and be physically active after 3 months of transplant, to avoid being obese.

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