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There is a famous Sanskrit Proverb – Kalaya Tasmai Namaha. You have to move with the times, or else you will be left behind. The statement occupies prominence as new innovations are happening all over the world. If there is a new technology, which has caught the eye of many industry sector giants, it is artificial intelligence. A short description of artificial intelligence is that it is one of the many branches of computer science that has applications which can think and act like a normal human. Do you want examples? Here they are – solving simple problems, speech recognition, planning, and learning.

As per business experts, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can bring many beneficial changes for the general public in the future. However, if you take a look around, you can find that AI has made quite an impact today even in your daily life.

Have you heard about the Virtual Assistant, Siri, Alexa or Watson? If you have a smart home (filled with home appliances that are connected to the internet), you can ask the virtual assistants to do the job. You can order the microwave to reheat the food, make the washing machine send you an alert after the wash and many more. This form of technology is yet to get developed to its full potential. Since more companies are investing more in this new technology, this industry will occupy center stage at least for a decade.

In this article, let us look at the intelligent AI solutions that are a part of our present-day life.

1. Siri


A product from Apple. You can use this personal assistant in iPad and iPhone. Although the application speaks in a friendly female voice, you can interact on a daily basis to carry out the command. The application can assist us to get direction, find information, send emails, add events, open platforms and applications and make voice calls.

The technology used is not only artificial intelligence but also machine learning. Now let us understand the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning. An AI tool can carry out commands only as per the design. For example, a chatbot can answer only simple queries, and the complex ones get routed to a human individual. But in machine learning, even the complex questions can get apt responses by a machine learning application. And when this technology happens, it will turn out to be one of the most significant changes in the history of technology.

2. Tesla

Have you watched James Bond movies? Then you may know about this car which will have multiple features. Just by a tap on his watch, he can make the BMW bulletproof car come to his place, fire gunshots, open doors and do many more tasks. Well, the car’s owner is James Bond, so you can expect the features. In recent times, how about having a car, which can do the self-driving, slow down on the road to avoid bumps and objects? Do we have a model? Yes, just check the Tesla website. If you are a lover of cars, you should have a Tesla car model in your garage. Now, the car model will only get better as time progresses and more innovations happen.

3. Cogito

Mention Artificial Intelligence, and some can relate only to chatbots. In other words, providing apt responses to customer queries. Check about Cogito, designed to enhance customer experience for every call. During the conversation with a customer care executive, this tool detects the customer’s behavior. After the conversation ends, it then gives feedback on the conversation. By guiding the words spoken by the executive, Cogito has brought a change in customer care relations.

4. Netflix

In this domain, it is predictive technology at its best. Have you ever gone on Amazon and booked a product? Then you definitely would have seen recommendations about other products. In Netflix, the same technology is used to recommend movies and other shows based on your choices, hobbies, interests, and behavior. This predictive technology delves deep from various records, does analysis and recommends movies based on your previous actions.

In the future, Netflix will turn more intelligent. Does it have a disadvantage? Yes. Only popular movies get recommended, including big budget films. The small budget, good story movies can go unnoticed. Yet, in the future, this technology may give place equal emphasis on popular and unpopular movies.

5. Pandora

Are you a lover of music? Then Pandora is the channel to listen. Given the name “DNA of music”, a team of musicians will analyze the song. The analysis is done based on many music characteristics such as progression, genre, rhythm and recommends the song based on the same theme.

6. Nest (Google)

In the last decade, Nest was famous as one of the start-ups which dabbled with artificial intelligence. Google acquired the company in 2014. One of the home appliances from the company is the Nest Learning Thermostat. This device makes use of behavioral algorithms to save energy. It first studies your behavior, schedule and then makes the decision. It can program the right temperature required for your family in a week. If you have installed a smart thermostat in every home, then it will adapt to your individual preferences. The thermostat is also programmed to switch off if the family members have gone out for a purpose.

7. Flying Drones

Imagine the time you booked for a product in Amazon or Flipkart. Then the product gets shipped to your home. But it takes two to three days. The delivery executive does also come in at uneven times. Let us imagine the happenings if AI gets implemented in delivery schedule. There are some E-commerce giants interested in the application of flying drones to ship products to customers. The technology used will be artificial intelligence and machine learning. They will do so via video cameras and sensors.


Artificial Intelligence has gained popularity at a fast pace. It has made many changes in our daily life. In the article, we have thrown light on only six applications. More applications and innovations will come in the following years.

Shall we take a general case study? You stay in Hyderabad. You have bought a smart microwave oven from a leading brand. Now, with your mobile phone, you can ask the appliance to cook a dish. Also, there is an AI application in the oven which can send an alert if the process is over. In the future, if the appliance needs repair or maintenance, it can send a message to your mobile. Okay, now as a homeowner, you need to search for the technician who provides the best services for microwave oven repair in Hyderabad. The warranty has got over, so you cannot take the appliance to the nearest service center of the brand. Also, it is difficult to get a qualified reputed technician in quick time. But there is a way. There are companies which offer home care services in Hyderabad. They have qualified handyman professionals in their payrolls. You can download the app, and place a booking for doorstep service. There is also another way, by which you can call the number on the company’s website and place the booking. But please note, that the answers you get for your queries may not be from a human, but a chatbot.

So, have you read about some common Artificial Intelligence tools in our daily life? Want to get more updates? Our subscription letter is free.


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