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Best educational software in 2019

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The key aim of using any software is learning something out of it. Some software applications are hard to learn and most users are unable to develop an understanding about them. If you talk about the best educational soft wares of 2019, the top most options are listed below.

  1. Plagiarism checker tool

A lot of students do not have any idea about the damages that can be caused by submitting copied content. All reputed institutions have very strict regulations when it comes to the originality of submitted content. Academic assignments can get completely rejected even if one line is copied. Thus, it is always important to use a reliable plagiarism checking application to check the content before it is submitted. Even though various plagiarism checking applications are available but plagiarism checker by Prepostseo is surely one of the best options available.

Easy to use Online Tool

It is not required for you to be a technical expert to use this tool. The plagiarism checker by Prepost SEO is an amazing tool with a very easy to use interface. You can get the content checked by using two options. The first one is that you can copy the text and paste it in the text box provided. After that, the application will check the content and identify the lines that are copied. The other option is uploading the document. The plagiarism checker by Prepost SEO supports various document formats including Doc, DocX, TXT and PDF.

Complete assurance of content originality

Plagiarism is a serious issue and it should not be handled lightly. If you are a student and the assignment you submit has copied material, your advisor would reject it immediately. This would be a black mark on your educational future as well. Hence, to get an assurance that the content being submitted is 100% reliable, you should use a plagiarism checking application that does not have any room for error. This requirement is fulfilled by the Prepost SEO plagiarism checker. First of all, it is completely dependable as it checks each line of the written material. Once this plagiarism checker shows that your content does not contain any copied information, you can eliminate all doubts from your mind.

Fast results

The Plagiarism checker by Prepost SEO is definitely faster than a lot of other plagiarism checking applications available online. You do not need to wait for several hours to get the content checked. Even lengthy pieces of content would be checked within no time. Hence, even if you want to get a detailed assignment checked, it would not require a long span of time.

Each copied line identified

Plagiarism checker by Prepost SEO does not skip any piece of copied content. Once you scan the content through this free online tool, each and every copied line would be identified. Thus, you can be sure that no part of the content has been skipped. Whether you are working on a college assignment, final research paper or preparing a piece of web content, you cannot take any chances with plagiarism. As a result, you do not have to check any part of the content manually for plagiarism after you have used this tool.

2. Office 365

If you see the recent technological advancements, things are moving towards online usage of applications. Office 365 is an amazing tool that allows you to create diverse applications in various formats. These include word, power point and excel. The best thing about office 365 is that you can use it on various devices including smartphones and tablets.

  • When you have created a document using office 365, it is not necessary to download it. It can be saved on the virtual drive called “one drive”. This is an online storage allocated to any user who has a registered Microsoft account.
  • Today, if you look at the working procedure being followed in academic institutions and corporate organizations, teamwork is the key. If you are working on a college assignment in the form of a team, you would need a platform through which the same copy of the document can be shared and all the team members can edit it as well. Through office 365, you can create a document and share it with multiple people. More than one person can edit the document and the same time and the final copy would be saved in a cloud based drive (one drive). This actually saves a lot of hassle. For instance, multiple copies of the same document do not have to be created. Secondly, unnecessary emails can be avoided.
  • Office 365 allows you to access your documents from multiple devices at any time. All you need is a valid internet connection. For people with busy schedules, office 365 is a good tool work in a coordinated environment.
  • 3. Rosetta Stone

Today, if you are working in a country where English is not the native language, it is important to know about the local language as well. This helps in better communication and also opens more employment / academic options. It is a fact that learning a second language is not an easy task by any means. Rosetta stone is one of the best educational software of 2019 as it makes learning a new language much easier.

  • While learning a new language, the biggest challenge for any person is memorizing the new vocabulary and getting a good grip on the new words. This becomes much easier with Rosetta. Instead of memorizing, this tool focuses on real time learning. Users can use real time conversations to learn the new language more effectively and productively.
  • Users do not have to worry about pronunciations when they are using this tool. Rosetta Stone comes with a fine tune engine that highlights the exact area where your pronunciation is going wrong. In this way, you can rectify your mistakes in due course of time.
  • You can learn various languages according to the requirements you have. Some options include Arabic, French and Latin.
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