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The life of a designer is tasteful and filled with creativity. They reap the efforts of spending countless nights on their creations when the final pieces are ready to leave everyone jaw-dropping. Various trends come into existence and some have the depth and ability to catch up with the world and we see these designs recreated everywhere. In fact, that is very true about Vintage style. The glorious pieces of clothing, home interiors, etc, from our mother`s closet, have the mystic beauty in their nature that makes it so beautiful. The style has been an inspiration for so many designers who aim to recreate the magic in their designs. Referring to certain designs that look vintage as retro is what creates confusion.

Many times vintage and retro are interchangeably used and it becomes quite difficult to understand how they are different. From clothing to interior, vintage and retro are styles which have inspired millennials, who are now trying to embed the beauty of the past in their present. The eternal elegance of these lovely styles is worth all the hassle people go through to create them. While there are rarely some crossovers between these styles, we often wonder how are these two terms different? Whether it is fashion or designed objects, what qualifies as vintage and what as retro? Well, a guide to exploring these styles is what we will tour through now.

Visiting Vintage

The term Vintage referred to wine`s age. It also referred to second-hand clothing in certain areas. But in general, Vintage refers to the fashion, clothing or designs of the 1920s to 1980s. With respect to clothing, the 1800s style and fashion comes under the same umbrella. The designs, cuts, materials, patterns, etc, echo the style and fashion that was popular during this period of time. Vintage defines the age of the object or clothing created during this period of time. The materials used also date from then which enabled to create arty pieces of clothing and other design work. Vintage carries the elegance of an old and classic style that has a graceful charm within forever.

Vintage also holds within it the faded and rustic look that reflects the beauty of the past. These clothing or materials are usually weathered or chipped but do not fail to bring out the timeless tales of beauty. The styles are usually classy and formal and need to be at least 70 years old to qualify as vintage. They come with characteristic designs, lapels and appliques and gripping cuts in comparison to modern clothing. They are the authentic design inspiration from the past that has aged fine. Most of the vintage items available today from clothing to designs are unique and rare to find. Designed to create a comfortable outfit for various activities that were common during this era, the cuts and add-ons are for utility and style. This is like metroflex gym wear that offers the perfect designs and materials to make every session comfortable.

Vintage Inspired colors: Vintage style uses colors such as white, off-white, maroon and brown that add the rustic and mysterious vibe. These colors are usually deep and full of the essence with a rich and classy touch. These colors can create a beautiful vintage interior decor with ease.

Ravishing Retro

Retro derives from the Latin prefix “retro” meaning “backward”. In terms of style, the right way to define a retro style would be to take a vintage-inspired look as an example. Retro is a collective term that refers to designs or styles that were a trend before such as vintage. Retro is an inspired style that aims to club the best of both worlds and create a fresh, classic look. The appearances and materials used for retro styles usually belong to the current trend.The design inspirations are taken from the past. Retro clothing is more updated with the current trends. It is a way of delivering the gorgeous designs of the past matched with the current trend.


The use of contemporary material to create unique clothing as well as other designs shows their connection to the past. A cardigan created in contemporary fabric that embeds designs and cuts from the ’70s would be a good example for a retro clothing. Retro designs do not belong to the same style trend but still have an everlasting sense of beauty to them. Unlike vintage, there are no specific time periods associated with the retro style. In fact, retro creations are fascinating and trendy. The way of re-creating beautiful designs and works from the past in modern fabrics and cuts blend the best of these two time periods. And like Vintage, Retro is also applicable for a lot more other than clothing such as interior, household items, toys etc. In simple terms, Retro is an imitation of an old look or style while vintage is old.

Retro-inspired colors: In this aspect Retro and vintage hardly share any common ground. While Vintage colors are natural and soft, neutral shades of colors, retro trend always carry bright and bold colors that are captivating. For retro design inspiration, people often work with two dominant shades of colors to occupy their designs and keep the hues subtle to bring in distinct effects to the creations.

Antique – the other story

Another term often confused with these style terms above is Antique. These are usually items that are 100 years or older and can be furniture, jewelry or any others. While antique clothes are quite rare to find, antique jewelry is carved with brilliance and are a classic beauty.

These styles offer tasteful creations that can be utilized for creating beautiful living spaces, clothing lines, home décor, furniture etc. Understanding the basic differences between these styles will help us find the best-suited styles for our home and decorate them tastefully with grace.

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