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Do You Need a Visa to travel to India

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India is one of those countries where it is essential to have a visa to enter the country. The advisable thing is to process the visa of India online , that is to say, to obtain what is colloquially known as eVisa  and to do it in advance since it is a procedure that takes time.

For those who want to go to India and stay there for 60 days maximum , we will explain in detail and step by step how to process the visa to travel to India. But as it is a rather cumbersome procedure, we thought that it is best to dedicate a special post to this topic.

An exclusive article about the visa, in which we will tell you where to process it, what documentation you need.

Health – Travel insurance

In all travel, especially if it is a trip to Asia, there are two essential premises that we can not ignore: vaccines and travel insurance.

About the first, the vaccines, we always give the same message: do not pay attention to what you can read on the Internet, you always have to consult a professional. That’s what the Official Vaccination Centers of the State are for, and to which you can go for free, making an appointment over the Internet in a very comfortable and fast way. This is the direct link of the Ministry of Health where you will find the nearest vaccination center. When you come, do not forget to take your updated immunization record, you will have a talk with a doctor, who according to your destination will recommend a list of vaccines necessary for your trip.

The other essential of any trip is travel insurance . Never travel without insurance, because one can never foresee what will happen! We in India did not have to use it, fortunately, but during the great trip of our lives we did have to use it a couple of times. And we can assure you that in those countries of the world, when something happens to you, it is important to have a good insurance, professional and fast, that covers any problem that may arise along the way.


The official currency of India is the Indian Rupee (INR). If you want to consult the currency equivalence, we always recommend doing it on the XE website . We never travel without the XE APP in any of our phones, which also works offline and lets us know at any time what we are spending.

Continuing with the issue of money, you should bear in mind that only in large cities you will find ATMs that will allow you to withdraw money in cash, paying a small commission for it. Paying with a card in this country is also complicated, there are very few establishments where you can use your credit cards. So for a trip to India we recommend taking cash and change once there to the local currency (INR). But before changing, pay attention to the change of currency and study well where it is cheaper to do it.

Transport. How to move around India?

How to get around during a trip through India is one of the most important points when you set out to organize your trip through this great country. To move around India we are going to recommend doing it in 3 different media:


The train is the most used transport by the local population and we think that it is the best means of transport speed / economy ratio. That is, it is the fastest and cheapest way to move around the country. But being also the most used transport by locals, it is important to have some foresight and buy tickets well in advance.

It was the medium that we most used to move between the cities of our route, but there was also some route like the one in Varanasi-Agra that we could not do because there were no tickets left. The world of train in India is very extensive and somewhat complicated, so we decided to dedicate a special post in which we will explain how to buy train tickets and the different classes / categories that exist in trains. Very soon you will have this special post.

A trip to India without taking a luxury train trip on one of its trains, is a trip in which you will lose a great essence of the country , its culture and its people.

Famous Luxury trains are:


In a country as extensive as this, internal flights as a method of transportation is basic. We chose it to make the largest journeys between large cities, those in which a train journey involved almost 24 hours of travel. Flights are not too expensive and we recommend you to look for them as always in our favorite flight search engine:

Driver / private car:

This is the preferred transport for the vast majority of travelers who decide to make a route through Rajasthan. And it is not surprising, because it is very comfortable for a driver with his own car to take you from one place to another, and the price you end up paying is not that high. We had a great experience with a driver in Sri Lanka and we always recommend it if the days that you have to see the country are scarce to do it for free. In our particular case, for our 20 days of travel through India, we had to dispense with this means of transport because the budget was not enough.

And after this brief and comprehensive introduction on how to move around India, we will share with you a detailed list of our transports so you can see how we moved between cities , the duration of the trips and the price of two people:

Drive New Delhi – Varanasi : Plane / 1: 25H / 89 €

Varanasi – Agra route : Airplane / 1: 10H / 109 €

Route Agra – Jaipur: Train Sleeper Class / 5: 35H / 509 INR (€ 6.13)

Route Jaipur – Jodhpur: Train Sleeper Class / 6: 25H / 498 INR (€ 5.99)

Journey Jodhpur – Jaisalmer: Train Sleeper Class / 5: 25H / 417 INR (5.02 €)

Jaisalmer – New Delhi : Airplane with stopover in Jaipur / 4: 10H / 117 €

On how to get around in each city, it is clear that the transport king in India is the tuk tuk . We, for example, in Jaipur, hired a tuk tukero for two days to take us to see all the points of interest in the city, and the truth is that it was a great decision since the city is very big and it takes a lot of time to go from one place to another. However, in Varanasi we were walking around and in New Delhi, in the big city, we used the subway that works wonders. But how to move within each city, we will tell you in detail in the post dedicated to each of the places.

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