Don’t give up what you Love: Eat a traditional Spanish diet while staying healthy


One of the hardest things anyone goes through when deciding to live a healthy life style is having to give up their favorite food, people assume automatically these will be detrimental to their goals. However, cuisine like traditional Spanish food are packed with healthy choices that are sure to remove any guilt. No matter what kind of eating, low-carb, high-fat, or otherwise, traditional Spanish food will fit into your everyday healthy eating habits. Here are some ways to incorporate Food Transporter in Mumbai in to your daily diet.

Healthy Fats:

Although you may not think the word fat goes with healthy eating, think again. Healthy fats should be a staple of every diet and olive oil and olives alike, these are healthy and delicious. Ditch your hydrogenated vegetable oil and add healthy oils, such as olive oil in your salads, or start cooking with it. You don’t have to look any further than Almeson to find the highest quality oils used in gourmet Spanish dishes. Not only olive oil lowers your risk of diabetes, but it has been said to also keep your heart young!


For all you low-carb lovers out there, we know that meat is an essential part of your eating plans. Spanish hams, sausages and charcuterie are great for an on the go snack and provide vast amounts of protein. Perfectly cut meats from are so much more than what is found in your local grocery store or butchery. The quality of these cuts can be tasted straight away, and makes this traditional Spanish food something that we can all enjoy, regardless if we are watching our waistline.

Say Cheese:

High-quality cheese can be part of any well-balanced diet, and gourmet cheese will always have a place in a traditional Spanish food diet. Perfectly paired with most wines, cheese can be eaten and used in so many different ways. Cheese contains a high amount of calcium, but also proteins and other vitamins that can’t be found in other dairy products. It also has a high amount of fats, and as said earlier, good healthy fats are something we should all be consuming more often.

When the food you eat is high in quality, it doesn’t matter what diet you are on, you will be able to enjoy all of your favorite dishes. From healthy olive oil, meat, cheese to creams and pates all of these gourmet Spanish products can be included into your meals and can even help you losing or maintaining your weight. The staples of the traditional Spanish diet, and many gourmet Spanish products are found at Almeson allowing you to bring the very best of traditional food right to your table, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Have you heard about the Mediterranean diet?

When we think of Spain, we imagine paellas, sangria and tapas, but there are more traditional Spanish food worth to embed into your lifestyle. Spaniards are well known for the delightful approach they have about life, it seems to be they are keen to embrace the bounties of good living and joyful moments, these relates directly to food. The Mediterranean diet consists in mixing tasty food such as olives, cheese, eggs, serrano ham, wine and olive oil, all of these Spanish gourmet products combined in the correct proportion and thus promote a long lasting and healthy life not far from the things you like.

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