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Mysore Beauty

Enchanting Mysore- Beauty of India

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Mysore ranked to be the cleanest city in India and serve as a cultural capital of Karnataka. It remained as the capital city for nearly six centuries ruled by the Wodeyardynasty except for a brief period of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. Being very close to Bangalore, it serves as aperfect weekend gateway to get a close look of it. So, just don’t wait, book your Hotel with Oyo RoomsOffersall the way to Mysore, exploring fewmust-go-to places there.

1.Chamundi Hill Temple

It is a traditional Hindu temple located at a height of approximately 1000ft on the Chamundi Hills. The location is on top so not usually overcrowded. Its beautiful architecture is highly admired by all the people across the world. The temple is considered to be one of the sacred Shakti Peethas, worshippingDurga or Chamundias the fierce form of “Shakti”,you can even see the statues of demon Mahishasura and Nandi.Thousands of devotees reach there to place their offerings each day. It inhibits a divine aura,  exhilarating the mesmerizing view of the Mysore city from the hilltop.

2.Mysuru Palace

Let’s gather some knowledge about this historical palace before witnessing. Mysore palace is one of the largest palaces in India also known as Amba Vilas Palace and now considered to be one of the most famous tourist attractions after Taj Mahal. The original palace was burnt down to ashes in 1897 and was rebuilt in 1912 in Indo-Saracenic style, blending the Hindu, Muslim and Gothic style of architecture. The Mysuru palace is illuminated with 98000 bulbs shimmering against the inky blue night sky is such pleasing view. Famous for itDusherra festival each year, during which renowned artist perform on a stage set up on the ground, a parade with caparisoned elephants and other folks originate from this very ground on the tenth day of the festival. The authorities have now recently introduced the battery-operated vehicle to have a tour within the palace premises. The palace is open on all days of the week extending from morning 10:00 am to 6:00 pm in the evening. There are different illumination timings, so make sure to get informed about the timings to make the best out of it.

3.Jagan Mohan Palace

This palace is an alternate retreat to the royal family of Mysuru. During the reconstruction of the Amba Vilas Palace, the royal family lived here. The first session of the Legislative Council of Mysore happened to take place here, presided over by Diwan. Jagan Mohan palace is now converted into a renowned art gallery containing approximately 2000 or more number of paintings of different Indian style. The Art Gallery house is a prestigious collection of the paintings of Raja Ravi Verma, who carried out an assignment for Maharaja Krishnaraja IV. The painting of Lady with the lamb by Haldenkar is considered as one of the main tourist attraction. The significance of keeping it in a dark room is to provide an illusion that the glow of the lamp is illumination the woman’s face. Alongside the art gallery is also enriched with weapons, antique coins,and currencies, sculptures, musical instruments, enriched with Indian history. To provide the visitors with additional entertainment it conducts traditional dance performance and other cultural programmes mainly during Dussera.

4.Mysore ZooConsidered to be one of the most beautiful zoological garden, Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Garden also known as Mysore Zoo was established in 1892.  Maharaja used to bring animals who fascinated him during his visit to European and African countries. After the freedom movement, it was handed over to the State Government. It is expanded across an area of 160 acres being habitat for about one hundred and seventy species ranging from big to small cats, terrestrial birds,  reptiles and much more. Safaris are also conducted to explore the wide variety of flora and fauna across the zoo. The zoo also provides you with various Educational programmes and Competitions and Summer Camp activities. The best time of the day one may visit is in the morning, birds are most active during the daytime or evening.

Mysore serves to be the best place for the people who are in love with Indian royal history and culture. So why go for a second thought when you are having Uber Offers handy roaming about the city in a carefree weekend?From Tonga rides to stroll around the local markets, please your eyes with the art galleries, restoring your soul at the lake and backwaters. This city is soaked with Indian Royal richness, Dusherrabeing the most appropriate time to glance at it.

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