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Essential Tips and Tactics while starting a mobile app

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The most significant moment for developers and marketers, so if you are one of them don’t fall into the misconception of not cornering your pre-launching plan in the right way. You worked so hard, so give some time for outlining what to do before, during and after launching your mobile app. In this article, a few essential tips and tactics are given while starting a mobile app. There are more than millions of apps in the market, achieving your aims is not going to be an easy task. Here are some tips to plan a reliable and effective pre-launch business strategy.

Research and Register.

Basically, it depends on your app. If its integrated with any payment gateway or in-app purchase then you have to register your business in India and attach your current bank account with the receipt. Even you have to set up a privacy policy, terms, and conditions, privacy policy things on your app, so it protect your app from User. For the App recommend things are copyright on the source code before register your business in India, or you can apply for the Trademark on your brand name instead of business registration. You can register your business as Sole proprietorship or Pvt Ltd company registration in India.

Determine goals and target your audience.

Before spending your time developing and creating your idea make sure your product is unique. As mention above there are millions of apps in a market and beating your competitor will be tough for you.

Don’t try to be greedy and set some realistic goals. While you are determining and scheduling your plans, you should also find your targeting audience/users. Study your product, what features does it have? What are its foremost functionalities? What type of audience could make significant use of your app?

Competitors Analysis.

Survey through the markets and look for related apps- check them and find out their strengths and defects. This will give you a real view of your product as well. You are still on time to improve functionalities or features. Have a look at their Ratings and Reviews and find what are those functional things that irritate users the most and get cleared them. This is not about following or copying other apps but modifying and improving your app as much as possible.

App Optimization.

In your list of priorities, App Store Optimization should be first. App Store Optimization helps you to improve your conversion rate, driving more organic traffics and also help you to maximize visibility on your stores.

Before launching your app make sure all your app store listings (ASO elements) are optimized before starting your APP.

Create a Website

Create a Website (landing page) and direct your targeted traffic into it. You can use this page to explain all brand ’s values and features, and at the same time, you can also promote your app. Create your landing page with Wix or WordPress to build your websites quickly. Share your landing page on all social media.

Decide your Marketing Strategy.

Creating buzz before the launch is significant to get a powerful response at the instant of a start. You must assure that you are creating a market for your mobile app at the proper time. Most of the mobile app businesses or developers fail to execute the marketing strategy effectively. Inevitably, the developers should start app marketing at least before a month of the launch to let the users know. Dima Midon, CEO at TrafficBox, a Digital Marketing Agency considers that creating that buzz before the start is significant to get an overwhelming response at the time of launch. Also, you can attract them with deep and appealing content. Create interest towards your app and maintain that interest with continuous blog related to your app.

In addition to expanding your blog, you could also get in touch with some firms that already have traffic that falls within your target and exchange blogs. Highlight your brand features and values.

Use Social Media.

Start sharing your app’s features across various social media channels, this will keep users engaged.

Expand your Network.

Reach out to the media contacts and connect with new people. Influencers have a considerable impact on social media followers. They might help you to promote your products among their audiences. Besides, establish a partnership with different journalists and magazines.

Test your APP.

Before launching your app in the market, it is essential to test. You should know in prior of how the users will see your app. Your app should be creative, easy to understand and deliver high performance. Testing it before the launch will allow you to iron out any nooks and crannies before it reaches the mass market. There are many app testing tools available in the market that you can use to organize for the testing.

You may also need feedback before launching your app. So far you only get feedback from your team, you might also need some outside opinion.

Know your Budget in Advance.

All the steps involved in the development of an app require money. Understanding your budget will help you to allocate accurately among stage of app development. You need to keep a strict eye on the cost to assure that your budget remains same. is one of India’s leading websites when it comes to Company Registrations, Trademark Registrations, Annual Compliances, GST Registrations and Modifications, IEC Registrations and Modifications. Our mission is to save time of our clients by taking care of above related services so that our clients can focus more on their business.

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