Faith Is Important To Success | A George Gstar Story


George Gstar, a self-made capitalist multimillionaire, climbed up the ladder to success right from the bottom to the top. While most people use Gstar as an inspiration to achieve their goals, a lot of people don’t know the important role Faith played in his journey. Faith is the strong belief in something. This could in yourself, in your abilities, in your plans or in a higher power.

If you take a close look at George Gstar’s success story, you would see that he had so much faith in himself and in his abilities. This was the driving force which led him to his success. Without faith, the chances that you will be able to make your dreams a reality become slimmer.

What makes faith important?

Faith is important because despite how much determination a person has, plans won’t always work out and the path won’t always be smooth. Faith is what keeps you standing tall through it all.

Faith is similar to hope. Intangible but essential for progress to be made. It embodies the expectation of positive outcomes. When compared to hope though, faith is a step ahead because it propels you to constantly put action into achieving your aim. It can hardly be explained. If you listen to Gstar’s success story, you will hear him repeat a couple of times that he knew he was destined to be more. Probably anyone who listened to him then – a teenager with nothing, talking about his dreams of becoming a multimillionaire – would’ve scoffed. Because he had nothing tangible to show he could become what he was now. But with faith in himself and in his dreams, he made it happen.

If you think having faith is too high a leap, think of the things you already do with faith. You sleep at night having faith that your locks will protect you from armed robbers, you get into airplanes with faith that the pilot will fly you safely to your destination and so on. So if you can exercise faith in objects and other people, why can’t you have faith in yourself to achieve your dreams? Faith is just like food. While food nourishes your body, faith nourishes your drive.

Reasons To Exercise Faith

1. Exercising faith leads to progress

When you exercise faith, you increase your chances of making your dreams a reality. The mind is such a powerful tool, especially when utilized properly. It can be used positively or can be underused and neglected. When obstacles arise, most people tend to forget how with the right mindset, they can salvage the situation and make the best out of it.

In negative situations, faith is what gives you the strength to get back up on your feet and keep pushing. Faith helps you to find the positive in all situations hence it keeps your drive alive. Note that your life can only become what you make of it. If you choose to wallow in self-pity, nothing about your situation will change, but if you choose to keep reaching for your goals, nothing can stop you.

2. Hard times make you stronger

During one of his studio interviews, Gstar shared a story about the lowest point in his life. He had just quit his job at Smoothie King after his boss scolded him unfairly and he had nothing. He said at some point when he didn’t have a shower for two days (because there was no place for him to do so), he had to take a shower stark naked in the rain. This was his lowest point, still, he didn’t throw his dreams away and return to Smoothie King to ask for his job back. No, instead his faith in himself doubled and he kept on fighting to make sure he was never in such situation again.

Sure anyone would say it’s easier for a rich man to have faith in himself but when you read the story of Gstar’s path to success, what other excuses would you have? The hard times only made him more determined to excel and he certainly did. So 0n your path to success you need faith so that when the hard times come, you can overcome them and become 10 times stronger.

3. Faith reveals your life purpose

There are so many people who simply know they want to be successful in life but don’t really know how. Your faith can reveal this to you. Gstar said that from the age 14 he knew he was destined to be a multimillionaire. Growing up in the kind of circumstances he did, he probably didn’t have a lot of options to lead him to success. But he had faith in that dream and the moment the first opportunity to make wealth came, he took it.

So when you have faith to be successful, one way or the other your path will be revealed to you. Remember the saying “heaven helps those who help themselves”.

4. Faith propels you to find solutions

As humans, it’s only normal that we panic and get anxious when things take a different turn from what we expected. Sometimes the wrong turns are often so massive that we become lost. Faith is what gives you the courage to step out from that panic and seek solutions. Even when everyone around you has been hit massively by the wrong turn, your faith can bring them all back on their feet.

For example, you and a group of friends put an investment in a business and the business collapses. Such a situation can be very destabilizing. Especially if you all had so much hope and plans for that investment. With faith, you can step out of that destabilized state and give your friends/partners courage to do so. The sooner you all can step out of that panic zone, the sooner you can find the best solution to your problem.

During an interview, George Gstar stated: “when a team rebounds from any setback, that team will be stronger than it was before the setback”.

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