Famous Mouthwatering recipes from Karnataka


Karnataka is one of the south Indian States. This State is a mixture of vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. The food culture is divided into two types – north Karnataka, south Karnataka. There are some commonly made dishes available all over Karnataka. Northern dishes are mainly made of wheat, jowar, and rice. It is famous for rottis made with a variety of flour. Southern dishes are both the mixture of sweet and spicy ingredients.

Here are some mouthwatering recipes from Karnataka

  • Masala Dosa


There are variety of dosas prepared in the State. The most loved dosa by the people is Masala Dosa. It is because of its crispiness. Smudged with red spices inside dosa. Most of the Karnataka people prefer to have this dish in the morning for breakfast. The masala dosa is best served with coconut chutney, sambar, potato mashed dish.


  • Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak is a dessert which originates from Mysore District. This dish is  prepared with 3 ingredients like Gram flour, Ghee, sugar. People prefer this dish during festivals, functions. This dish was first created in the kitchen of Mysore palace during the period of Raja Wadiyar IV. Now it has become a favorite dessert.

  • Ragi Mudde and Sopinna Saru

Ragi Mudde is one of the dishes preferred in the Rural areas of Karnataka. This dish is made with Ragi flour and water which should be prepared like a ball. Soppina Saru is a simple curry which is prepared from the green leaf with gram and some spices. Ragi mudde is mainly consumed during lunch time. There is a way to eat this particular dish. Ragi Mudde is to be swallowed with curry. This dish is filled with high nutrients and has superb health benefits. There is a huge advantages of Ragi Mudde. Instead of green leaves curry, we can also have with chicken curry.

  • Korri Gassi with Neer Dosa

 This dish is mostly prepared in the coastal area of Karnataka. In Tulu language Korri refers to chicken, Gassi called as curry. Chicken curry is eaten with Neer dosa(Water dosa). Neer Dosa is prepared with rice soaked overnight. The dish is a great combination for the people who love Non-Vegetarian Dish.

  • Holige

This dish is preferred during festivals and special occasions. In Maharashtra, it is popularly known as Puram poli. Holige is like chapati and stuffed with sweet mixture prepared with lentils and jaggery. Different varieties of holige are being prepared in the State of Karnataka. It comes to the list of sweet dishes. Types of holige like coconut, dry fruits, badam etc.

Coastal area people prefer fish fry very much. Fish is marinated with red chilly, tamarind juice, salt and turmeric. Later, fish fry is coated with semolina and fried in oil. This dish looks crispy from outside and juicy from inside. There are lots of dishes made from fishes Such as angal fish curry,  naggoli and many more.

  • Maddur Vada

Maddur Vada is a snack which originated from a town called Maddur in Mandya District. It is best tasted with coconut chutney and filter coffee. This snack is different from other snacks because it is prepared with maida semolina and other spices. People prefer to eat this snack during tea time in the evenings.

  • Coorg Pandi Curry

Non-vegetarians love this dish. Mostly prepared in Coorg (Kodagu). Any celebration or on special occasion people of Coorg prepare this Pandi curry. This dish gives an authentic taste when you use vinegar made from black fruit. The meat of pork and the taste of vinegar combination makes this curry awesome.

Bisi Bele Bath

Bisi Bele Bath is mainly served for the meal. It is one of the categories of Kichidi prepared in the most parts of India. Also called as a vegetable mixed bath. The combination of vegetables, gram, peanut, ghee, and some species. This dish is very easy to prepare.

Overall there are varieties of food prepared in the state. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are being enjoyed by the people.

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