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Fantastic Silver Candlesticks You Need To Buy For Your Home This Shabbat

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Silver candlesticks are an item of home décor which also serves in religious purpose in occasions like Shabbat. Lighting the candles spread warmth and tranquillity in this holy occasion and brings joy and harmony to the home. Hence, you need to get the best candlestick which will complement the entire festive season thus radiating happiness in the house. Here is a list of all the collections of candlesticks which you can get online.

  • Hammering travel silver candlesticks

This magnificent creation is made as a tribute to the standard methods of handcrafting metals. The entire process of making this artefact takes a lot of time and efforts. Moreover, the artisans have to hammer it umpteen times to bring it to the desired form. The entire design on the surface is also impressive which makes it an essential piece of collection for its elegance.

  • Travel size silver candlesticks

This candlestick is apt for carrying it in your purse if you are travelling on the holy festival of Shabbat. With this one, you can light up your candles anytime and spread the warmth and glory. This beautiful pot-shapedstructure makes it ideal for keeping it anywhere without any hassles. Also, it has carvings on the surface which reflect the dedications of the artisans.

  • Filigree Round leg silver candlesticks

The round leg Filigree candlesticks are designed to show respect to the mitzvot of Shabbat. It is also believed that it gives faithful service to the young couples and families. The special art engraved on these candlesticks is sure to make your auspicious day more special one. This particular piece requires the dedication of many artisans to be crafted to its present beautiful shape.

  • Ben Yehuda silver candlesticks

This magnificent intricately designed candlestick’s presence is all you need in the festival of Shabbat. The royal engravings on the specially designed Ben Yehuda reflect the grandiosity of the candlesticks. Also, these luxurious artefacts are crafted by skilled and experienced silversmiths. So, you can bring home this candlestick which will serve both the purpose of room décor and religious purpose.

  • Merdinger Candlesticks

Crafted as a tribute to one of the most talented silversmith Joseph Merdinger, this exquisitely beautiful artefact is the exact piece you have wanted to add to your collection. The sophisticated look of the candlesticks gives out the aura of subtle taste that you acquire. On the occasion of Shabbat, it is sure to capture the attention of your guests for its high-class appearance.

Apart from the mentioned silver candlesticks, you will get numerous other collections from where you can choose the right one for your home. Some other candlesticks that you can buy are –comino, bari, sufra, bagatel, laguna, Neora, Bareket, etc. These fantastic collections are a must buy and moreover, you can present it to someone special or the near and dear ones to wish prosperity.

Hence, choose the perfect silver candlesticks and bring home the blessings of the lord with these beautiful artefacts.

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