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Full Face vs. Modular Street Helmets

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Your helmet is the most important bike accessory which keeps you safe during your ride and this is why helmets manufacturers come with different options to suit your specific comfort needs. Though you have several kinds of brands and kinds of helmets available in the market, but they aren’t created with the same purpose. You may also experience different level of safety.

There are two of the most common types of helmets available in the market- modular cruiser helmets and full face helmets. Though they may appear similar from a distance but there are several differences between these two.

Modular helmets

Firstly, a modular street helmet is specially designed to render additional comfort as it includes a opened center into an open face helmet. These helmets are a blend of full-faced helmets and open faced helmets. Previously, there was a misconception that these helmets were made for smokers. Though a modular helmet can easily flip up and become open faced, but it is not precisely made for smokers but for those who need fresh air at stop signals or while parking.

Modular cruiser helmets are not designed to be worn open faced during riding. The open face alternative is only for those are looking to get some fresh air during their ride without removing the helmet off their head. However, these helmets lack complete safety specs which a full-faced helmet gives. You are allowed to flip the helmet’s chin bar forwards making the helmet front more susceptible on impact in comparison to full-faced helmet.

Modular helmets are designed for those riders who like to flip their chin bar up and speak to their bike partners at stoplight. A lot of helmets also come with built in sun visors to render better comfort when you are riding on the open road.

Full faced helmets

In order the complete protection for your head during your bike rides, getting full-faced street motorcycle helmets are the right option. Full-faced helmets render highest security to the riders as the complete piece is forged into one item and has no weakness like a hinge scheme which a modular helmet has.

For riders who just want to hit the road, full-faced helmets are just the right option. They keep you fully protected at the maximum speeds. Full faced helmets also render you with a n accessory which fits snugly and comfortably on your head. Several full faced helmets are light in weight and aerodynamics so the rider doesn’t feel additional weight on his body.

For those who love go for long rides or drive in heavy traffic location, full faced helmets will you the right amount of additional protection. They also keep the riders safe from dust, rain and has vent to allow sufficient airflow to keep your head cool.

Selecting between the two types of helmets completely depends on the comfort level, complete amount of safety, desire for airflow and protection you need from your helmet. Go ahead and get the most suitable helmet for you by placing an order online.

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