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How Parents Can Protect Their kids from Bad Social Media Sites?

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There are many reasons why kids are more vulnerable on the social sites and we will discuss the reasons here. However, our focus will be to help out parents on how they can protect their children from the bad social media sites. The word “bad” refers to the sites that are really dangerous. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Tinder, VK, YouTube, Tumblr, Reddit and many more like these are seriously bad for the children.

There are over dozens of social media sites. Many of these have desktop as well mobile versions while few have only apps, the mobile versions. However, they have serious security issues for the users. Not only teens, the adults and aged users are also vulnerable to the social media threats and bad sites.

Protecting Kids on Facebook

This is one of the most popular and widely used social media sites. Over 5 billion people use Facebook while the whole world population is around 8 billion. That means, over 60% of the people in the world have Facebook accounts. Many of these are teens and children. The kids have even more than just one Facebook accounts.

When it comes to the dangers of Facebook, there are many. Like, the protection and online safety on the site is the least. Kids face bullying on this site and negative remarks are passed by the bullies. Furthermore, data protection and privacy has just gone too low on this site. Facebook has been sharing user data with other companies just to cash it.

The sex offenders, predators and criminals are always looking for kids on the social sites and particularly Facebook. Many kids were kidnapped after they shared personal details on Facebook. Parents should use a Spy app to reduce the usage of social sites by their kids. Parents should monitor use of social media of their children.

Twitter and SnapChat

Twitter is one of the most popular social sites. This is mostly used by the celebrities, public figures for the short tweets. But kids are also using this site nowadays. Teens make friends on Twitter and start their relationships. It should be noted; Twitter is more dangerous than Facebook for the teens because most of the predators use this social site.

Similarly, SnapChat is more like Facebook. This is an app-based platform without any desktop version. With this, the app gets more access to users’ data like contacts, location, camera, photos, mic and other features. Most of the rich and spoiled kids around the world are using SnapChat nowadays because the platform is famous for its camera filters.


However, the teens and children have serious threats on these sites as well. Just like Facebook, the kids share their details, photos, locations, personal details and other important information on these platforms with their friends. They add strangers to their friend lists and it makes them vulnerable to the people that should not have been in their lists. Parents should also work to reduce kids’ addiction of these social sites.

They can reduce their phone and device time. There should be rules when it comes to the use of social websites. Kids should be educated and advised to not share too much details with the strangers and the people they don’t even know. If the parents still feel a need to protect their kids from the bad social sites, they should use an android spy app. A monitoring app will make the teens less vulnerable, protect them online and improve their safety.

Tinder, Tumbler and Others

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After social sites, the dating platforms are growing rapidly. They are even more popular than the social sites. Dating apps and sites are more attractive because you can find your matches and people who you can date. This attracts teens and children. They try to hook up with their age fellows but end up sharing personal details, house address, family information, photos and even more.

They really become vulnerable. And most of the time, teens go to meet their matches and the person turns out to be someone else. Even if the person is same, they exploit the teens and make them do wrong things. Kids have no options than to follow them. They are raped, injured, killed and harmed.


Parents should improve the online safety as well as protection on social sites about their kids. They should use tracking apps to keep eyes on the phone activities of their kids, protect them online and make sure they are safe.

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