How to become a Fashion Designer?


Dreams are what motivate us to be on the right and successful path. But, the real success you get is when your dreams become your life goals. Because dreams are just imaginary thoughts, which we want to achieve. But, life goals are what, that are needed to be achieved.

People, who are interested in fashion designing and want to become a fashion designer, often get stuck at some point of career. It happens because of lack of proper guidance. We are here to show you what it takes to call yourself a fashion designer. You can search a jobs in Jaipur.

So, shall we start?

First, let us see who actually is a fashion designer and what you need to become one!

A fashion designer is a specialist, who alters and creates designs for clothing and accessories. They draw, sketch, and plan designs for clothes and ornaments. The designs may be for any particular retailer or brand.

You should know that fashion designing is not just about knitting clothes.  The designers need to be regularly updated with the trends. And, for this, they have to make research a lot. No one needs outdated designs for their clothes.

Skills you need

  • Creativity
  • Sense of texture, fabric, and color
  • Strong Drawing skills
  • Good tailoring
  • Sharp eyes or detailing
  • Interest in latest fashion trends
  • Networking skills
  • Decent communication skills

Now, let us take a look at the step-by-step guide to become a fashion designer:

Step 1:Start preparing in your high school

If you have completed your schooling, then you can skip this step.

You have already decided your life goal. If Fashion designing is a career, then it demands creativity. To get successful, you have to improve your artistic qualities. Learn to draw, sketch, and any other basic skills, which will be needed in the future.

Find out if your school has fashion designing courses. If yes, join them. All of these early activities will increase your abilities and experience.

Step 2:Earn a Bachelor Degree

Once you have passed your high school, it is time to get a bachelor degree. If you are planning to go for a diploma, then it will also work. Just take any fashion related course and earn a certificate or degree. Gain knowledge of all the clothes and fabrics. Improve your business and communication skills. And, you are ready to go.

Step 3:Increase your experience

No matter what your career field is, experience matters a lot. Fashion designing also demands experienced aspirants. To craft your skills, join an internship program related to fashion designing. It will teach you professional methods and specialization. You can work under a professional fashion designer. Spend your time in retail stores and custom tailors to improve your fashion game.

Step 4:Get a job

When it comes to fashion designing, people often work independently. But, you are not fully prepared to do that. You have to expand your abilities and knowledge. Search a job on a reputed job portal. You will see a surprising growth in yourself. Business and interpersonal skills will also improve.

After following all these steps, you can now think of working independently, as now you are well experienced and skilled.

Happy Designing!

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