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How to Clean Your Computer – The Ultimate Guide

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Are you looking for how to clean up your computer and what to do for a clean up computer?  Yes your computer needed for undergo for pc cleanup, if your pc or computer running slow and shows the error pop-up windows messages, blue screen, freeze issues and your system get crashed after a period of use, then there is need for clean computer, but before it you need to know the exact and actual computer clean up process.

Give a read to this article and unfold the question of how to clean up your computer within an easy and simple way. Several reasons make your computer works slowly, so you ought to clean pc immediately and looks for the best way of pc clean up. When you come to know the exact way of the cleaning process, then you will assure that your computer works properly on the optimum level.  The assumption is that whenever you feel that your computer is running slowly then get ready for clean up pc. Before computer cleanup process you are responsible for saving your data as soon as possible. According to, you ought to follow the system cleanup process as it helps to make the system fast and reliable.

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Best Computer Cleaning Software (2019):

When your computer goes slow, no need to worry more! You can boost the performance of your computer with the below best computer cleaning software. The below software also helps you to get rid of infected files that slow down your computer performance.

  • CCleaner Freeware
  • AVG PC Tuneup
  • Eraser for pc
  • Clean PC Master

The above software’s are quite effective to clean your computer and also prevent your system from viruses. Furthermore, you can also cleaning up windows 10 through these software’s and best for windows 7 cleaning up the process.

How to Clean Up Your Computer – The Ultimate Guide:

Get ready to clean computer by yourself with the following tips:

Do a disk cleanup:

Yes – pc cleanup process is pretty easy. Just begin with a start menu -> my computer, the windows or dialogue box appear, then get the right click on the drive C: select the properties option of drive C: You see the small windows box there, you can tap on the General and after that click on “disk cleanup”. The disk cleanup will able to calculating the free space on drive C: This process of cleanup pc will take a few minutes to complete, once the calculation completed, then you see dialogue box which shows that how much space that you can free. Ultimately, tap on the OK to finish.

Remove Unneeded Programs:

You ought to remove unneeded programs – Go to start menu and tap the control panel then click on the Add or Remove programs. Here you can remove all the unneeded programs.

Yes, several programs automatically start whenever you turn on the computer. So, the prior thing is to eliminate these unneeded programs as soon. Startup programs eat up valuable RAM, and as a result, your computer becomes very sluggish. Eliminate these programs immediately and feel the incredible difference in your computer processor speed.

The Registry Cleaner – Use It for “Computer Clean Up”:

If you tried all the above tips and your computer still running slow then might your system have some unexpected errors? Ultimately, you should use a Registry Cleaner for pc cleanup.

Additionally – you need to follow these ways:

  • Defrag Your Hard Disk
  • Remove Old Programs
  • Assign Proper Startup Programs
  • Empty The Recycle Bin

Surprisingly – you unfold the question of how to clean up your computer. All of the above ways are tested and works great. Good Luck!

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