How to make better use of your time while travelling for Business?

Even in the internet era, replete with webinars and Skype meetings, professionals find themselves traveling more and more. In a global market, there is still nothing that replaces encounters. However, the drawback is that is often, totally unproductive. How much can you get done when you’re sandwiched to the airport, toggling your bags through safety, or waiting to be announced? May seem hopeless, but there are strategies you can use to optimize your productivity on the road, and, as somebody who travels more than half the time for work, and going meta, I wrote this script while on an airplane flying between New Delhi and Bangalore, I can personally recommend them.

Think about audiobooks or podcasts:

In walking or transit through the airport, you transport yourself and can slap on your headphones. If you choose your listening material wisely, you can turn that wasted time into professional development. You could listen to interviews of thinkers you admire, educational training material, or dive deep into seminal books. You don’t have to sit there and nod when people ask you if you’ve read Lean In or The Tipping Point, or if you’re familiar with Robert Cialdini or Daniel Kahneman.

This is your chance to up your cultural literacy:

You can also use some of your travel time, especially cab time, for short phone calls. I don’t recommend doing this at the airport unless you’re able to use the airline’s private lounges, because the loudspeaker announcements are just too distracting. But, in the cab, you can ask the driver to turn off the radio, and if you’ve prepared a list beforehand, you can knock out many short check-in calls you need to do while you ride to the airport or train station. Maybe it’s a thing from your personal to-do list, like making sure your tailoring is ready to pick up, or it could be wishing a friend, happy birthday, or doing a quick project update with a colleague in another office.

Write your long-term project:

Whatever the case, there are often instances where a quick phone call is more effective than an email, and you should make use of this time. Once you’re on the plane or train, you can also use your time to accomplish long-form writing projects. Many aircraft have Wi-Fi these days, but you have to opt-in to it and pay for it. Use that fact to help you focus. You can bring along a writing project you’ve needed to do that doesn’t require internet access. Maybe it’s a few blog posts you need to pump out, or a critical report, or an essential memo to your boss. Keep the internet off and keep temptation at bay, so you can hunker down and finish your writing project

Indulge yourself in pleasure reading:

Finally, for most busy professionals, one of the first things to go is pleasure reading. But we invariably feel enriched by it. If you love reading, and you’ve been sad not to do too much of it anymore, maybe this should be your opportunity to treat yourself. Travel hard enough. You need some reward for enduring flight delays, cramped quarters, and the general hassle of schlepping.

Reading what you want, just for fun, can be a great way to expose yourself to new ideas, paving the way for innovations, and a possible conduit to connect with colleagues or clients at a deeper level if you share similar literary tastes. So, go for it while travelling for business and don’t feel guilty. It’s diversifying your portfolio of skills. If you travel a lot for work, it’s essential to make the most of it. By following these strategies, you can.

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