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How to Maximize Your Honeymoon Experience on Andaman Island

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The serene and scenic Andaman and Nicobar Islands figure among the top honeymoon destinations that have an eternal appeal. The rich natural settings enhanced further by the pristine, sun-kissed beaches make it a great place for newly-weds to spend quality time together.

While honeymooning in Andaman by itself is a delightful experience, it is definitely possible to make your trip more comfortable, exciting and memorable in many ways. Here are a few pointers.

Plan the trip together and well ahead

Andaman has an exciting mix of serene secluded scenic locales as well as vibrant and happening beaches replete with water sporting activities. It is for you and your beloved to decide how you wish to spend your honeymoon here.

Right from where you would like to stay and places you wish to explore to the activities that you’d like to indulge in, there are literally quite a few things to finalize so that you make the most of your time in Andaman. Of course, you’re always free to alter plans once you get here!

As this honeymoon destination is quite popular, it is important that you make your reservations well ahead to get the best accommodations in the location of your choice, be it Port Blair, Neil Island or the ever popular Havelock Island.

If you are particular about the budget, plan an off-season honeymoon to avail bargain deals and avoid the holidaying crowd too!  If you can find a honeymoon travel package that suits your preferences, save the time and simply sign up for it.

It is a breeze to find an Andaman travel package from Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru or any other Indian city. Of course do ascertain the reputation and credibility of the tour operator before making your bookings.

Here are some points for How to Maximize Your Honeymoon Experience on Andaman Island

Spice up your itinerary with few interesting adventures

Andaman is all about scenic beaches, delectable seafood and quite a few interesting adventure activities as well. While snorkeling is a great and safe way to explore the shallow waters off the coast, you will find equally interesting and exciting to experience a Sea-Walk.

If you don’t want to get your feet wet, opt for glass boat ride to take a look at the marine eco-system through the transparent floor of the craft! Kayaking through the calm waters around Havelock Island prove quite relaxing and refreshing as well.  

Treks and hikes through the lush vegetation as well as tryst with wildlife, butterflies and birds at the National parks here also allow couples to bond over common interests during their honeymoon trip!

Stay at a Beach Resort

Save up if you must, to spend your honeymoon at a Beach Resort in Andaman. There are several of them located right on the water front, offering impeccable views of the vast open sea at close proximity.

Nowhere else can you find resorts this close to the beaches? Wake up to the stunning views of the rising sun against the shimmering blue expanse and catch the sunsets comfortably from your balcony. Enjoy long leisurely strolls along the waters or just laze around on the white sands.

Opting for a honeymoon Andaman travel package from Hyderabad or anywhere else in the world does entitle you to some pleasant perks such as welcome gifts, free time at your hotel spa, candle light dinner etc.!

Indulge in a romantic candle light dinner at the beach

Not to worry if your honeymoon tour package did not have a free candle light dinner. You can always plan for one for yourself as a surprise to your beloved.

In fact Andaman is the best destination for a private romantic candle light dinner right on the beach under the starlit skies with the sound of waves lapping against the shores in the background.

The ambience is just perfect for light hearted conversations and hand-in-hand walks on the sand – making a unique and memorable experience. Many of the quaint resorts on Havelock and Neil islands take reservations for private dinners, which also included a customized menu and a discreet dedicated service staff.

Don’t miss the opportunity for a dinner cruise in Port Blair, aboard the TSG Bella Bay. A spectacular view of the cityscape and the different islands from the ship and an enjoyable dinner does make your trip more memorable.

Beach /Island Hopping

Port Blair, Havelock Island and Neil Island have some of most scenic and happening beaches here.  

A visit to the Elephant Beach, Radhanagar Beach, Laxmanpur and Bharatpur Beaches and the Corbyn’s Cove typically cover a range of panoramic visuals of the seas around Andaman and necessarily include ferrying across the waters to reach the different islands!

Other Things to Note

  • Signing-up for a travel package or requesting a custom package from your trusted tour operator takes the pinch out of making all arrangements on your own, allowing more couple time. With most of the major expenses tackled ahead, it is definitely a relief to sit back and enjoy the tour.
  • If you are vegetarian, take care to specify food preferences when booking your package.  There are however many vegetarian restaurants, Annapurna in Port Blair being quite popular, along with many others that also serve vegetarian meals.  Typical Indian delicacies such as parathas, Rotis and even Idlis are available for pretty reasonable prices!
  • Travelling to a honeymoon destination closer to home is ideal for budget travelers.  Andaman perfectly fits the bill for couples in Southern or Eastern India. For instance a short 3-day honeymoon Andaman travel package from Hyderabad is likely to be priced under Rs.20, 000, subject to exclusions.  You can however compare deals, check the itinerary and facilities to opt for the best tour package.

Options are aplenty. Just time your honeymoon right and plan for it to make the most of the time you spend with your better half!

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