How To Properly Configure Jio4GVoice With JioFi Modem


Well, In india the first mobile network that introduced 4G Network is a launch company but have many industry level experience Reliance Group. Though there were already the biggest giants in the field like Idea, Vodafone, AirTel, BSNL etc, the newly launched Reliance brand name as Jio has introduced 4G VoLTE network in India. Till the launch of the launch of Reliance Jio, the biggest giants in the field ruling the mobile network area in india with limited 3G speed availability with moderate high cost in offers. Reliance Jio introduced an offer as launch offer, the 6 month free 4G Data for all those customers. This makes biggest impact, and gained millions of customers within a short time.

Even they are using 4G network, along with the Jio smart network, they introduced many of the services, apps, and some gadgets that all are made revolution in the mobile network industry. The best apps like JioTv, MyJio, JioMusic, Jio4GVoice, JioXpressNews, JioMoney etc are the apps. I think the one and only mobile network in india to launch so number of apps for their users.

The Jio 4G VoLTE only works with the smartphone that have 4G slim slot enabled. Since there till the time, the most indian users have the 3G smartphones only. Jio’s one gadget called JioFi (The wifi modem that generate WiFi network with the Data pack enabled Jio SIM inserted on) solves the problem. The super power services such as Video calling, Voice calling in high definition etc were limited to 4G enabled smartphone with Jio SIM. But JioFi modem resolves that issues too. The users that have 3G smartphone can be able to experience these services with the help of JioFi modem (Less price), 3G smartphone and one app Jio4GVoice installedon it. Here is the step by step on how to properly configure Jio4GVoice app with JioFi WiFi modem. You can follow the steps and makes your 3G smartphone VoLTE 4G enabled and enjoy HD Video and voice call, and other services like the live streaming of channels with JioTv or any other apps, youtube streaming without any delay etc.

Download and Install Jio4GVoice App

Jio4GVoice is the app you need to install on your smartphone (3G or 4G) and this app acts as the virtual app between 4G VoLTE and JioFi Modem. You can download the latest version of Jio4GVoice (Download from and install. Via the interface of Jio4GVoice, you can make calls with the Jio SIM Inserted on JioFi. No matter, if you have 2 SIM that have in your smartphone sim slots. So in the result you can use 3 SIM, 2 SIM in your smartphone and one Jio SIM on JioFi Modem.

Configure Jio4GVoice with Jio SIM on JioFi Modem

First of all, you need to download and install Jio4GVoice app on your smartphone and Turn on WiFi. Then insert Jio SIM on your JioFi WiFi Modem and before you insert Battery after SIM, Note the JioFi SSID (Password) that you can see in the inner portion of the device. Just note and copy the SSID and then put battery. Now Turn on your JioFi WiFi Modem.

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In the JioFi WiFi modem, You can see the signal bar and when the signal bar in green, the signal is excellent . When it show blue color, the average signal strength and in Red color indicates, the signal strength poor. There is also another indicator to show the WiFi, and the battery charge as you can see in mobile phones.

When JioFi modem Turn On, the Jio4GVoice app installed (Make Sure WiFi On) on smartphone will automatically detects the Jio SIM inserted on the JioFi modem.

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Jio will send you an OTP (One Time Password) to the registered mobile number and enter the OPT to the configuration menu of Jio4GVoice app. And then enter the SSID that you have noted in the WiFi section of smartphone. When the WiFi detected by the smartphone, go there and select the JioFi and tap on the device name and then Enter the SSID and now you have connected. Now you can make calls, send messages, enjoy all the android apps in high speed including and excluding Jio apps, High speed video streaming etc in your all kinds of devices. You can connect on your personal computers, laptop, desktop etc and enjoy the Jio apps like JioTv on your pc with the help of android emulators, Youtube streaming, in high speed.

With the SSID, you can connect any device by the method of WiFi. You can connect up to 18-20 devices with JioFi so that you can make a small WiFi network that will help you in your small scale businesses.

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