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How To Start a Blog with MilesWeb in 2019- (Complete Guide for Beginners)

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Blogging is the best way to express your point of view, to share your experience, to share some knowledge, make friends, get connected to more people with the same interest as yours. It also helps you to market your business on different platforms so that a large number of audiences will get to know it, and ultimately your business will increase and you will make more money.

There are nearly 3.65 billion users of the internet all over the world, and they spend an average of 24 hours a week using the internet. That means you have all the chances to make your blog famous, if done properly. So, to start with, your first step should be choosing an appropriate domain name. The domain name should be unique and should relate to your business in some way. You don’t need to come with the funky style domain name, but make sure that it is understandable by the readers.

To search the domain name, you can take help from MilesWeb domain name service. Here you can search and register different domain names with all possible extensions. They also provide you the facility to transfer and renew your existing domain name.

You can be a comedian, kindergarten school owner, baby sitter, etc. the blog can definitely do wonders for you. The process to start a blog is not at all difficult. You don’t have to be a techie to start your blogging journey. So just select a domain name, register it and go ahead.

Decide the hosting type :

The hosting type needs to be selected as per the requirements of your blog. To decide this, you will have to first identify what things you are going to perform on your blog. Is it going to focus on single category or will have multiple categories? Many bloggers like to write on different topics like Lifestyle, Food, Technologies, etc. and they categorize them, so that it becomes easy for their readers to find out the exact topic as per the interest. Now, remember here to accommodate more information you will need the large space and bandwidth. And if you are looking at the once in a time thing, that means you are not sure about how frequently would you write, then you can choose the shared hosting plan. The shared hosting plan is enough to incorporate your blog.

C:\Users\Admin12\Desktop\MW Plans\Cheap shared hosting plans - India.png

MilesWeb offers you the best and affordable shared hosting plan that is suitable for your blog.

Are you interested in designing and creating your own blog site?

Then, you can choose the managed WordPress hosting plan that gives you the freedom of creating it on your own. With the free website builder tool, you just need to drag and drop your contents and see your imagined blog site coming into existence. This will omit your task of getting the site ready from the third party and also, bypass the cost associated with it.

The advantage of WordPress :

It is free and easy to use the platform, which comes with plugins that make it more useful. So, basically, if you don’t want to hire a hosting provider, still you would be able to create your WordPress blog site.

The disadvantage of WordPress :

The disadvantage is the same, as it’s free software. Due to this, WordPress has many users and there’s no security assured with it. Even handling such huge software with multiple plugins gets really tough, especially when you don’t have the technical knowledge. This is because you wouldn’t know how to handle the technical issues like downtime, the shortfall of the CPU memory, bandwidth and other resources. That’s why it is always beneficial to have a hosting partner that takes care of all your hosting needs along with the technical problems related to it.   

WordPress plan for MilesWeb starts at just ₹ 69/ month.  

C:\Users\Admin12\Desktop\MW Plans\WordPress with free jetpack version.png

The Jetpack allows you to add high quality images and videos to your website, and it won’t affect the website speed or performance.

You can start your blogging journey easily with MilesWeb, all you need to do is select your domain and plan, and get started and rest will be handled by the team.

Technical features of WordPress by MilesWeb :

(1) Cloudflare Railgun

(2) HTTPS by default

(3) GZIP/ Brotli Compression

(4) SFTP Access

(5) WP-CLI

(6) Daily backups

(7) CDN

(8) Cloning

(9) Server side optimization

(10) Caching

Features of MilesWeb :

(i) Free SSL certificate –

All the cheap hosting plans from MilesWeb have the SSL certificate with it. This ensures that your website doesn’t contain any virus and is safe to access.

(ii) Free SSD storage –

The increase in traffic volume may speed down your blog, thus SSD storage helps it to speed up by 200% as compared to its previous speed.

(iii) One click installer –

One click installer allows you to install over 400 applications like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla,etc in just a click.

(iv) Latest PHP and MySQL updates –

With MilesWeb you are tension free about the updates and a new release of PHP and MySQL, as the expert team always have their eyes on that and update your system as soon as the latest version gets released.

(v) Free Migration –

Are you already a blogger but not satisfied with your hosting service provider? Want to switch to MilesWeb?

No need to worry anymore, as MilesWeb will transfer all your website data from the current provider to MilesWeb server for free of cost.

(vi) Data center choice –

MilesWeb has their servers located in USA, UK, India, Romania, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, and the Netherlands, so you can select the one of your choices.

Conclusion –

MilesWeb is a one-stop solution for your blogging journey. It covers you 24/7/365 days and provides 99.95% uptime to give your visitors a better user experiment. For any queries, you can contact them via chat, calls or emails.      

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