How to Stop Dog Leash Biting 2019


Dog owners like me love to spend time together with our pets, especially the time we spend during walks together in parks and peaceful place. I always take my dog for a walk twice a day.

We, dog owners must have come across a problem during walking with our dogs. This problem is Dogs Biting the Leash. So in this post i would tell you some really helpful tips by which you can stop this behavioral problem of your pet dog.

So in this article i would share some important ways by which you can stop this problem of your dog biting the leash

Why Dogs love to Bite the Leash?

Dogs do not feel comfortable with a leash on their neck at first and really want to bite it or fiddle with it in some way. We humans feel the same as well when do not have a habit of carrying or wearing something in routine. Isn’t it?

If your dog is actively biting the leash daily then its certain that he or she loves to hold things into his mouth. He might even be playing tug with you when you try to take the leash out of his mouth by pulling the leash forcefully from your side.

This reaction of yours is hugely responsible for her behavioral problem of biting the leash on daily routine. He thinks this is a wonderful game of tug of war and wants to play daily while enjoying his walk.

Wanna Stop it? Read on….

You must have noticed dogs bark or chase moving things like car, or a person or cats. This is due to the fact that their inner anxiety gets activated when they see someone running or something moving quickly. This is the second prime reason of dogs biting the leash as they observe that leash is moving and they get activated by that natural anxiety in them to chase and hold the leash in their mouth.

Third Reason can be that your beloved pet dog or puppy might not be feeling comfortable of that leash on his neck. Don’t worry he would get used to as you continue to go on walks with him and also try to keep him busy with something in the neighbourhood surroundings or a toy or food.

Your dog is not used to having a leash on his neck so be patient and give him some time before trying any tip or something.

Ways to Stop Dog Leash Biting 2019


  • Change of Behavior


When you want to change an unwanted behavior of your dog then best chance you got is be replacing it with a new behavior. Point your finger on something near him in the surroundings when hes trying to catch or bite the leash as that will distract him. This is easy as dogs tend to get attracted in many things outside.

2. Do not Encourage Leash Biting Behavior

Suppose you and your pet is out for a walk and he starts biting the leash. Let us recreate that situation now.

When you observe that the dog is biting the leash, you do not like that behavior and starts pulling the leash towards yourself. Watching this, your dog holds the leash tightly in between his teeth and starts pulling it towards himself.

You get irritated and starts pulling it even tighter. But you know what? Your dog is enjoying this tug of war game. This is entertainment for him and you are appreciating his behavior by giving him attention.

So you must be wondering how can you stop it and stop paying attention to him when hes pulling the leash. Right?

Just when your dog starts pulling the leash, stop focussing on him and start looking here and there in surroundings. Your dog will sooner or later get bored of his effort of trying to catch your attention and will stop it.

Try this and do comment below what results you get.

3. Reward when Dog Walks without Biting Leash

Whenever your dog walks without biting the leash, you should stop and start rewarding that good behavior by giving him treats. He will wonder what good he did that he is getting these treats and try to repeat that behavior.

You would have to stop again and again and bend to feed him with treats but it’s worth it. I tried this as well and got awesome results as i was able to stop leash biting behavior of my dog in less than 10 days.

Remember that your dog wants to play tug by catching and pulling the leash and you wanna reward his good behavior by feeding him with tasty treats.

Do Comment below as to what worked for you and what not so that i can add more working ways to Stop Dog Leash Biting in 2019.

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