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How Ajay Devgan pranked The Whole Country!

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Most of the people believe that the life of film starts are filled with so much paparazzi that they never get time to have real fun like we all do. Right?

But, sometimes funny stories from India are being crafted by a few of these celebrities and film stars as well.

What mischief did Ajay Devgan come up with?

The same thing happened when the well-known actor Ajay Devgan thought that it will really cool to play an elaborated prank. And somehow, the aim was to make us all realize that they too are human beings and have the same taste for fun like we all do.

When did it all begin?

So, let us spill the beans as to what was the prank and how did Ajay end up creating one of the true funny stories which will probably be remembered by all, especially Kajol.

The whole thing began when Ajay, who is actually famous for the pranks that he plays on sets, thought that it will be really super cool if he played a prank on the entire country. Or at least on those who follow his Twitter account.

So, what did he do?

Ajay came up with an ingenious idea to prank everyone by posting Kajol’s number on his Twitter account with the caption that she is out of country. And if anyone wants to have a word with her, or get in touch with her, they can contact her on wassap number that he just posted.

What was the reaction?

Of course, the whole Twitterati population went in ripples of shock. Some thought that might be Ajay’s account was hacked or he might have been drunk or something which is why he ended up sharing his wife’s number on a social platform.

But, no. None of the reasons were true. This was Ajay’s plan to the make a funny story out of a simple prank that made everyone go berserk.

What was Kajol’s reaction?

Well, we do not know for sure how Kajol reacted to this prank, but one thing is for sure, Ajay’s prank indeed was mind blowing. The whole armada of people who saw the tweet must have at least tried once to contact the aforementioned number, only to realize that it’s a fake number.

What happened next?

After posting Kajol’s number on his Twitter account, Ajay after sometime posted that he was kind of bored of playing pranks on film stars and co- stars on their film set. So, it was time now that he played an elaborated prank that involved everyone who followed his Twitter account.

And that how he ended up contributing to true funny stories which is sure to be remembered in the history of pranks played by Bollywood actors.

Was this Ajay’s first prank?

Well, on such a large scale. Yes, this indeed was Ajay’s first prank. But if we talk about the history of pranks, Ajay is one of those film stars who loves playing pranks on his co-stars and crew during the shooting of a film.

There is no wonder that most of the film stars who have already worked with Ajay, must have had an amazing time on set.

In Conclusion:

It feels really nice when someone who sits so high in terms of lifestyle and stature chooses to share something with the public and considers us as a part of their lives, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, this prank was just a sweet reminder of the down to earth personality that Ajay holds and definitely makes us feel that this actor connects with our hearts. Kudos Ajay! We sure look forward to more of such pranks in future.  

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