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Top 5 Apps of iPhone in 2019

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Without a doubt, Apple’s iPhone is the world’s most popular smartphone. Every year around the time of the launch, we witness the insanity and wild anticipation in people across the globe. It looks like a race where everyone wants to get their hands on the established ‘best’ phone. Just like Spectrum Internet Plans is considered the best ISP. Most of you probably already own an iPhone. You iPhone is capable of a lot. But you are not getting enough of it. Let us help you enjoy your iPhone to the fullest. Read on to explore the amazing apps.

5 Categories for Best iPhone Apps

We are going to make categories and jot down some essential Apps:

  1. E-Mail Apps
  2. Browsers
  3. Sports Apps
  4. Messaging/Calling Apps
  5. Weather Apps

Read on to find some incredibly useful apps.

E-Mail Apps


 Outlook is a great E-mail App for iPhone. It brings more features than any other E-mail app. It supports push notifications and you can catch all the emails easily. You can easily switch between the built-in calendar and email feature. You can do quick swipes to archive, schedule, and delete your messages. You can also send big files, which you have not downloaded on your iPhone.  The app is available on App Store for free.


Another great email app is Spark by Readdle. It also supports push notifications. It features a clever split of regular email and newsletters/ other emails. This feature makes it easy to deal with spam emails. It’s fast, highly responsive and offers a good number of customization options.



Safari is a great browser and it is pre-installed. But, if you are looking for an effective alternative, Google Chrome is the best pick. It is fast, efficient, and reliable. Chromes sinks just right with all Google products. It is easily manageable and easy to use.


Aloha is a new name in the browser world but it is great. It is a rising star because it has a built-in VPN. Also, this browser is privacy-focused. And privacy is a major concern of contemporary users. The VPN allows you to be on the internet on your terms. Your online activities would not be tracked on this browser.

Sports Apps

7-Minute Workout

We are suggesting the workout apps because it’s good to use out gadgets for something that is good for the health. And since our iPhones always accompany us, why not use them for something beneficial. We are not recommending a complete gym app. Because we know that, the gym has no place for your expensive iPhone. So, 7-Minute Workout is a great app for a light workout. It offers a workout system that you can pull off at any time throughout the day. Stay energized and healthy with this incredible app.

Fit Men Cook

Working out is not the only thing that helps in getting healthy. Get a firm hold on health with this amazing app. It allows you to cook healthy and make delicious food. The app has tons of recipes and meal plans on weekly basis. It also facilitates you with handy grocery store lists. In a nutshell, it gives you everything you need to create healthy recipes.

Messaging/Calling Apps

Facebook Messenger

Every smartphone user out there essentially needs an online-based texting and calling app. Most of the iOS users use iMessage, for free texting. But it only offers animojis, stickers and few other cool tricks. A myriad of texting/calling apps is available on the App Store. Still, our first recommendation is Facebook Messenger. It allows you to chat, audio-call, and video-call your friends and family. It unites both iOS and Android users. And you can get in touch with all of them, wherever they are in the world.

WhatsApp and Others

There are plenty of other online-based apps. It depends on which ones are popular in your part of the world. WhatsApp is fairly popular in most of the countries. It also supports texting, calling and video calling. Other popular apps are WeChat, Viber, Skype, and so on. A comparatively newer app in this regard is Telegram. Try this fast and light app to experience more security and privacy.

Weather Apps

Dark Sky

For those who like to keep a keen eye on the hyper-local weather. And that too, with great precision, Dark Sky is the weather app for you. It will also send you notifications briefly before the rain starts to let you grab a parasol just in time. It is perhaps the best replacement of the Apple’s own Weather app. You can get a bunch of extra features with a premium version.

AccuWeather and Weather Underground

Weather Underground and AccuWeather are also great weather apps. They are free and are quite comprehensive.

So, all the iPhone users should take advantage of all the amazing apps to have a pristine experience. It’s just like Spectrum users taking the full advantage of all three digital services with a Spectrum Triple Play package. And that’s how it should be. Enjoy your device to the fullest and keep exploring more apps!

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