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Is taking a drop for JEE Main worth it?

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As the JEE Main examination date gets closer, many students realize that they are not well-prepared to bag a seat with their desired institute. Being a competitive exam, it is difficult to predict what would be a good score to target too. After the exams are over and the results are out, students are faced with another dilemma – should they accept admission to the institute that is being offered to them or take a drop and attempt the exam next year. Spend an entire year preparing for the exam. But, is JEE Main worth it? Today, we will look at the pros and cons of this decision. Remember, no two students are the same. Hence, weigh all points carefully before making your decision.

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Before we talk about the factors that you must consider, remember – a drop will set you back by an entire year in your career. Therefore, decide in favour of the drop only when you are absolutely certain that this will work for you.

Taking a drop for the exam – Is JEE Main worth it?

Many students find their preparation lacking for the JEE Main exam since they are simultaneously preparing for their board exams as well. Therefore, they are unable to dedicatedly focus on their preparation for the JEE. Over the years, we have come across many students who have not been happy with their performance in the exam and complain about the lack of dedicated time for it.

Subsequently, when the results come out and they are not offered the desired institute, there is a lot of anger and anxiety with respect to their careers. This is the time when most students start considering taking a drop and giving it their best shot next year. It is a normal reaction when you feel that you could perform better – to give yourself another opportunity to meet your own expectations. However, the question that most students opting for a drop forget to ask themselves is, is JEE Main worth it?

We understand that most of you would feel that since getting a seat with a good institute is the stepping stone to success, JEE Main is undeniably important. While that is absolutely correct, the question that you need to ask yourselves is – is it worth setting your career back by one year? Here are some points to ponder:

A drop does not guarantee a better rank

We have seen that while many students take a year’s drop to appear for the JEE Main after a relatively average score in their first attempt, the second attempt does not result in a drastically high score/rank. We are not trying to sound like pessimists but merely stating an observation. Here is the thing about competitive exams – while your score depends on your knowledge and performance in the exam, the All India Rank depends on the overall performance of all students. Therefore, it is impossible to be sure that you will bag a seat with one of the top institutes in India after your second or third attempt.

It will involve costs

Not all students come from families who can afford education costs comfortably. Considering the sky-high prices of coaching, books, and everything that comes with it, taking a drop and preparing would mean an additional cost burden on your families. Many students would need to take this aspect into consideration and talk to their families before deciding.

You will set your career back by one year

We know that this does not sound like much right now, but over the years, you might realize the importance of the additional year that you spent preparing to get into a good institute. We are not saying that you will necessarily repent it. However, we would like you to consider this aspect thoroughly before you make up your mind.

What we suggest – Taking a year’s drop – Is JEE Main worth it?

Remember, taking a drop makes sense if you are confident that you will be able to make the time and effort worth it by bagging a seat with a good college and/or a branch. Unless you have prepared less than 50 percent of what you can, taking a drop does not seem like a good idea. While getting a seat with a good college and/or branch seems worth the risk, we have not observed a marked difference in performance of students who reappear for the JEE Main after the drop.

Source: UIHere

On the contrary, we suggest that you make your first attempt a good one (if you have time). Join a good coaching institute and solve some previous years’ paper along with the JEE Main Answer Key. Also, research the colleges well and ensure that you fill your Preference List carefully. The computerized allocation process allocates the college and branch to you based on your preference list in the order that you mention them.

Also, if you decide to take the drop, then think of it as a time that you are investing to enhance your knowledge in the subjects and regardless of the outcome of the exam, you will emerge a winner.

Summing Up

We hope that you take the points mentioned above into consideration before making your decision. There are many success stories online about students who took a drop and are studying in their dream colleges today (not many failure stories though). You can talk to them and understand what obstacles they had to face and learn from their mistakes.

At the end of the day, assess your situation well and understand the trade-off completely along with the efforts required before you decide to take a drop. This is a tough decision and hence requires careful consideration of all aspects. Talk to your professors or mentor who will be able to guide you further. Before taking a drop, ask yourself again, is JEE Main worth it? Is setting yourself back by one year a sensible decision? Good Luck!

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