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Is your child being bullied?

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Your child might be in need of your help! You need to understand bullying first to take the next step.

Many researchers have been studying the problem of bullying for years. There are many kinds of bullying that does not even meet the eyes. Many a time parents too ignore something which could be bullying. For instance; people only know about physical bullying. But did you know there even bullying is of different types. Six major types of bullying are have been studied by the researchers and parents need to be aware about this. Bullying can damage a child’s mental strength and ability to perform daily activities and due to which a child might lose his/her confidence.

Every bully is not the same and has its own style and uses different tactics to control and torture the victim mentally. Being a parent or a mature adult, you must know how to tackle the situation and help your child during different situations.

Let us understand some Primary types of bullying:

Physical Bullying

We all are aware about this. It occurs when kids use physical actions in order to gain power over the targets. Physical bullies are the ones which are giant, bigger and giant and more aggressive as compared to their peers. Some examples of physical bullying are; slapping, hitting, kicking, shoving, punching and other physical attacks.

Physical bullying is the easiest amongst the rest to try.


In this the main culprit is the internet and the hideous people behind it use technology to embarrass, target or threaten a person. This kind of harassment is known as cyber harassment or cyberstalking.

To help save your child from it you must keep a check on all the activities of your child. For children who are just entering their teenage for them parents should put a child friendly lock. So, that only limited websites are accessible for the young children. Cyberbullies are demons lurking behind the face of the internet who make people do things but threating them or hacking personal information or data. Make your children go out more rather then allowing them to stick to the internet the entire day.

Sexual Bullying

It is a harmful and the cruelest kind of bullying. Young boys and girls fall prey to sexual predator as adults can still to an extent understand the difference between the good and the bad. Some things that happen in sexual bullying are; passing crude comments, making vulgar gestures, uninvited touching, showing pornographic material, forcing someone to have sex, calling with sexual names.

Prejudicial Bullying

This is relational bullying, verbal bullying and sometimes even sexual bullying. In this kind of bullying a child might be bullied because for being different from the others. The reason for prejudicial bullying could be different sexual orientation, religion, race.

Verbal Bullying

The verbal insults are to belittle, hurt and demean the other person. This is an attack that is really very difficult to identify as these happen when no one is around. Verbal attacks could be demoralizing and insulting for the kids. The verbal abuser might be doing it with any cruel intention and just for the sake of fun, but the victim’s mental state can be damaged to a great extent with the verbal abuse. Verbal abusing can leave a person with emotional scars, demoralized spirit, and feel lowly about oneself. Some kids are not able to fight back and stand for themselves, leaving them with bad and ugly memories.

As parents, teachers, responsible adults it is the duty to guide children about how to maturely handle the situations like bullying. Begin with making a healthy relation with your child. Not all the children are expressive, loud and vocal about their feelings. So, atleast once in a week every parent or any adult member of the family with whom the child is comfortable, should ask the child about what all is going in his/her life. You must begin by asking about daily activities they do, people with whom they hangout more, school grades, school life and based upon that you will get your answer if something is wrong. According to Private School Review you should communicate with your child more, monitor their cellphone use, understand the warning signs of bullying (poor grades, irritated child, unhappy child, avoiding going to school) etc.  

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