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Living Art Of Embroidery In Morocco

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When the civilization changes and the world gets more advanced, there is one thing which also fades away is the cultural aspects of any state and nation. There are many variations which demolish the art, but they say that art never fades away it regenerates itself from one for to another. If we have a look at the previous civilizations we will come across this fact that these all civilizations are alive through their architecture and monuments or the artworks which were found after this civilization by the archeologists. From Greeks to the Arab Civilization there are many different forms of arts which made them special and recognizable in front of this world.

Living Art Of Embroidery In Morocco

Well, the center of Morocco tourist attractions includes the purchase of beautifully embroidered handicrafts as well. I haven’t seen any person who went on a trip to Morocco and hadn’t brought the amazing scarfs or the clothes embellished with the ancient Moroccan embroidery. But this art is getting organized as the time is passing it is no more done by hand and machines are taking place of workers. The reason behind it could be the lack of concentration towards it. In previous eras, most of the people used to learn this skill but in today’s modern world we ignore such skills and our children are more focused on regular studies. Their spare time is always spent playing with modern gadgets rather than utilizing it on learning some skills.

Reviving The Art Of Embroidery

But now the intelligent people know the worth of art and keeping the art alive in their countries and it’s cultural aspects. Same is the case with an intelligent and beautiful lady named  Fadila who returned to Salt which is her homeland and there she brought with her the most beautiful form of art, Embroidery. She studied from the fashion designing school in Rabat and now she has a desire for opening her own embroidery school at Sale. Here she has also started this project in form of proving the children free education of this skill and making them competent in this traditional art since their childhood.

Approximately 18 children are right now learning this art form and making outstanding art pieces. There are many forms of embroideries being taught in this center.

According to Fadila, this art for is demolishing and the biggest problem here in Morocco is that parents do not concentrate on sending children to learn this traditional art form. All the students which are learning at this center are not paying a single penny because their parents can’t afford to send them to schools they come and learn embroidery here.

She also says that teaching this traditional embroidery is not an easy task but no one is ready to invest even a single penny on it. Maybe people think that investing in traditions won’t pay them back as much as they want and that is the reason why if a tradition fades people also make it die a silent death without taking notice about it. So now the students seem very happy with their teacher as they are also given the friend and English language lessons as well to make the competent and confident as well.

Request For All The Tourists

If you guys ever went on a tour there your things to do in Morocco much consist of buying a piece of traditional embroidery with an amazing color combination from this school as well to encourage these children and Falida.

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