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Loss of food at night and measures to avoid it

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The old saying is, “Just like food, so be it.” That is, the kind of food we eat is our mind, just like the good mind, by eating good Diet. But in today’s era it can be further improved, such as “when the food is eaten, the body and the mind.”

Proper time of diet with good diet also plays an important role in our good health. It has been written in our ancient texts that we should eat dinner as soon as possible and especially before sunset. In Jainism there is a lot of emphasis on the first meal of sunset. Dinner renunciation is considered not only spiritual, but also a symbol of great health from a physical point of view.

Old-fashioned people used to have meals about 3 to 4 hours before sleeping in the night, due to which they had many advantages, which included the main food digestion systematic, constipation gas problems, lack of problems, balance of mind Stay etc.

Today, the trend has changed a lot, the modern life has got attached to our lives. To save time, we have made a variety of scientific inventions, despite this, we have a lot of time coming down. Today, many things we can not do on time due to lack of time and the main thing is our food and sleep.

Even in the village, people still eat food on time and on time, but in the city there is very little evidence. Many people in the form of compulsion, such as jobs etc., many people eat late night because of habit and mourning but they are not seeing the side effects. We are not able to understand that in our full fledged life, half of our physical health depends on food and sleep.

Ayurveda has said that due to more than half of the stomach, our diet is due to food, if we take food at the right time, its digestion also happens at the right time, due to which we have many abdominal problems such as constipation, acidity, flatulence, Can get rid of gas etc.

Before sunset food has become an impossible thing in today’s life, but we should try it that we eat the dinner before sunset or 8 o’clock and about three hours before sleeping. If we do not do this then it will be negligent with our health.

Loss of food at night and measures to avoid it

What are the disadvantages of eating at night?

There are many physical and mental disadvantages of having dinner late at night, let us know about them: –

1. Unbalanced digestion – Late night meal does not get the right time for digestion of food, due to which constipation, acidity, chest and irritation of the stomach, flatulence, gas, intestinal diseases etc. can lead to stomach problems. .

2. Obesity is growing – obesity is becoming a serious problem in today’s era and one of the reasons is that eating or eating for a long time at night. At the right time, food left out of food does not eat food cholesterol, which is converted into fat, which leads to obesity.

3. Lack of sleep – Late eating late at night can not help you sleep or you may have mental problems like that.

4. Mental disturbance – Lack of late food causes mental disturbance, because eating food is not arranged in the diet, and the sleeping arrangement is not arranged and the mind remains unstable. (Read more: Personality Development in Hindi)

5. Increased irritation – Late night meal does not rest the brain, which can lead to irritability, muscle pain. Many times, our whole day also gets spoiled because of not feeling involved in any work.

6. Effect of heart also – Late night eating affects your heart too and you may have high blood pressure like heart problems.

Due to youth, many times we do not feel the losses caused by it, but as the age increases, the adverse effects of it and then many serious diseases occur.

What are the measures to avoid eating late night?

• One of the main ways to avoid late-night eating is that you take the time to eat before sunset or before 8 o’clock. It is very important for the conscious people to eat at the right time.

• You should also eat lunch for 12 to 1 interval in the afternoon, which will be hunger in the night and you will be able to eat early in the night.

• Make a rule of your daily diet and try to eat at least 25 days of the month according to this time.

• If you have to lie down because of work, such as your job shift is such that you can not eat fast, then you should keep your tiffin together, in which you can take 15 minutes to eat and eat.

• After eating at night, you must go for a few moments so that your digestive system can work smoothly. This will only happen if you eat dinner a little early, because you will walk while eating late and when will you sleep? (Read more: Pregabalin Dose Instructions

• If you eat at 6 o’clock, and suppose you sleep at 10 o’clock, then you can also do a light full exercise around 9 AM.

• After eating fast, if you are hungry again before sleeping at night you can also drink a cup of milk or juice, which will benefit your body.

• If you have to eat late in any compulsion, try that your diet is light and the amount of fibre is high. You take more quantity of salads and vegetables. Do not eat tart, fried and spicy food in the late night meal. A research has shown that people who are victims of night-eating syndrome take high amounts of carbohydrate and fat in their diet, due to lack of time, the diet is not properly digested, so light at night Diet or fruit, take juice only.

• It is said that after drinking one to one and a half hours, you should drink water, so if you eat fast, you will also get enough time to drink water and you can also drink the amount of water in which your digestion will be good .

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