Marvelous Wedding Cards to Give a Unique Touch to Your Wedding


Are you looking for some unique designs for your Indian wedding cards? Are you looking for some designs or themes that can add an “enticing and enchanting” touch to your invite in their own distinctive ways? Well, look no further. We know how significant a wedding invitation is. So, we have shortlisted some Marvellous designs for wedding cards to give a unique touch to your wedding:

  1. Something Vintage

We all say we are modern, but anything vintage entices us a lot. So if you too are an old soul, why don’t you adopt that in your Indian wedding invitation as well? It can be anything, font, material, design, anything Vintage-y is loved by all.

  1. The magic of playing cards

Yes, you can design your wedding invites as the beautiful deck of playing cards. It looks quirky and surely lures every recipient. You can use your pictures together as the back image of the card or any love quote or lyrics of your favourite song. Your guests will surely love it and will always cherish it too. Who wants to lose such an amazing deck of playful cards?

  1. Bring the flair of nature

Nature from the archaic times has been a source of a smile. So why not bring the flair of it in your wedding invitations as well. You can choose leafy designs for your wedding cards. A forest-y theme for Indian wedding cards is enchanting too.

  1. Invites for all the wanderers

We as a generation believe in “covering the miles of foreign lands together”. If you and your partner have that “travelling bug” too, you can incorporate one in your Indian wedding invitation as well. How do you do that? Have a passport themed wedding invitations. How cool it would be, your wedding invites the passport for your guest to board your wedding.

  1. The lure of musings

If you too are a music aficionado, then probably you will be all inspired by themes that are related to music. Cards designed as “cassettes” is one interesting idea to be executed in your wedding invites. You can discuss more with the best designer of Indian wedding cards. Understanding your interest, they will suggest you some more ideas related to it.

  1. Inspired by any “Romantic legend”

If you have grown up seeing romantic movies and are totally fond of them, then you can imbibe any of their themes in your wedding invitation as well. It can be anything, any Bollywood romantic drama or any Hollywood love story. You can add your personal touch with getting a picture of yours as the lead character.

  1. Wedding invites with little-personalized gifts

If you want, you can add little-personalized gifts with your Indian wedding cards as well. For instance, little drinks with your names on the bottles, or macron boxes with your name and little “save the date card”. Adding a little-personalized gift with the wedding invitations can be all alluring.

These designs will set a unique tone of your wedding, so which of these will embellish your wedding invite?

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