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Mathematics in Everyday Life

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In our daily life activities, mathematics is involved in every aspect and it has tremendous applications around the world. Every person should have a knowledge of mathematics to understand and explain something around us. Mathematics contains a number of characteristics properties which helps to experience the world. It helps to make the connections and possibilities among the people and it helps us to understand the global phenomena. Mathematics is not only confined to science but it is extending beyond science and engineering. Consider the concept “probability” in mathematics which is used in our everyday life. For a certain event, there is a chance of specific occurrence. The decision is basically taken using probability. Most of the complicated decisions are done using the probability concept. From the outcomes of a statistical experiment, the probability is determined from which random variable of a particular experiment and the probability value is noted in a tabular form or written in an equation form called as a probability distribution. For every experiment, the random variable should take either a discrete value or a continuous value. Based on the random variable that an experiment associated with, the distributions are classified into discrete or continuous probability functions.

Another important concept of mathematics that we are using in our everyday life is geometry. Geometrical shapes help to locate different objects. Most of the important calculations and measurements are done using geometry. Many things that we are using in our daily life uses geometrical shapes like circle, triangle, and quadrilaterals like a parallelogram, trapezium, rectangle, cylinder etc. All the quadrilaterals are formed when they have certain angles. The angles formed in the quadrilaterals are called as quadrilateral angles. It is noted that the sum of the angles in the quadrilateral is equal to 360 degrees. When you consider all the electronic devices, stationery items like laptops, mobiles, pen, books, computers and even in household articles you can see the geometrical shape. Experience the importance of mathematics to solve the complex problem in the complex world since mathematics develops the critical and analytical problem-solving skills.

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