Motorola One: Complete Handpicked Review


In the beginning, it would not have had to arrive in Italy, but Motorola has changed its plans and has also brought on its market its first Android One smartphone. It is a smartphone that inaugurates a new direction for Motorola, markedly different from what we had seen so far, even from the software.

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The Motorola One package is in line with what has been seen so far. We have a TurboPower 12V / 1.5A power adapter for quick charging, a USB / USB-C cable and a silicone cover applied to the device when you find it in the box.

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Construction and Ergonomics

Motorola One is well built, thanks to its metal profile and its flat glass on the back. This combination gives the device a feeling of higher quality than you would imagine for the price range. The smartphone is after all compact for current standards and is used well, even with one hand, at least for basic operations. The physical buttons on the right side are pressed well and have a good click. The two rear cameras are protruding, but fortunately not enough to be a problem in everyday use.


This smartphone is powered by a Snapdragon 625 octa-core 2 GHz processor, Adreno 509 GPU and 4 GB of RAM. The internal memory is 64 GB and the good news is that, from Motorola tradition, the slot for memory expansion does not preclude the use of two nanoSIM. Discrete connectivity: LTE up to 300 Mbps, Wi-Fi N, Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC. The fingerprint reader on the back is precise and fast enough and there is no FM radio either. Always very welcome presence than the 3.5 mm audio jack. The speaker has an average power and is positioned “classically” at the bottom.


Motorola One, like most modern smartphones, is equipped with a dual camera system, 13-megapixel ƒ / 2.0 and 2-megapixel ƒ / 2.4. It is an interesting pair and that can take good pictures in good light conditions, but that still leaves the pitch a bit in the dark, where it is hard to get interesting shots. With good light, it can, in any case, be worthwhile shooting even without active automatic HDR, as it is sometimes a bit ‘too invasive and its contribution too important. The shutter interface is still enjoyable and offers a series of interesting and unique features, such as shooting, leaving a single color and desaturating the rest of the image and the cinematography, or a GIF with only one animated part. Do not miss the portrait mode that works well enough. Ok videos, in 4K to 30fps, but do not expect too much: a bit ‘as for the camera. Same considerations for the front 8-megapixel camera that is sufficient, but did not convince us more than it should.



Motorola One has a 5.9-inch HD + display (720 x 1520 pixels) made of LTPS IPS technology. It’s an enjoyable and bright display, but it has a couple of limits. The first is the showy top notch that leaves little room for notifications and the other is the resolution. The truth is that in everyday use HD + resolution can be enough for practically every task, but the selling price still makes us turn up our nose. It still supports the Moto Display to be able to show notifications on the locked screen and even interact with them.

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Motorola One is marketed with Android 8.1 Oreo and at the time we are writing these lines is updated with the security patches of October 2018. But the real card that can be played is to be an Android One. The company guarantees guaranteed updates and two version releases, one of which will be Android Pie (which honestly, however, we would have liked to see already installed at the launch). Android One is still an excellent guarantee for all those who do not want to worry about having a phone always protected. The smartphone is fluid in almost every circumstance and is what you would expect: a pure Android with a sprinkling of “magic” Motorola. In this case, we have the Moto Display for notifications in the lock screen and the Moto Actions to start the camera or the flashlight with gestures.


The Motorola One battery is a 3000 mAh which is miraculous. It is not a real battery phone, but probably more extensive battery life that can guarantee a 3000 mAh. It will be really difficult to stay on foot at the end of the day even with heavy use. Not bad Motorola.


Motorola One is launched in Italy at $399, an attractive price but still a bit ‘high for the hardware that this device puts on the plate. With a little ‘downside in the coming months, it could certainly become more tempting.

Final judgment

Motorola One is a good product and its main reading is to be an elegant Android One product, which actually lacked in the Motorola lineup. Overall, however, other smartphones on the price list (especially Moto G6 Play) for many may be more interesting. If you are looking for more recent security updates, you have found them.

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