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Off the Beaten Path: 5 Reasons Guam Should Be Your Next Destination

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Whilst it may not be a go-to holiday destination for many people, Guam is a great choice for your next getaway. It’s hugely popular with Japanese tourists, who make up a massive 80% of the population. From gorgeous beaches to amazing yet affordable hotels and plenty of activities, we’ve unpacked some of the many reasons why you should consider finding out what Guam is all about.

#1. It’s Easy to Get To:

If you’re traveling from Southeast Asia, Guam is just a short plane ride away. Guam is the largest of the Mariana Islands and is a United States territory located in the Pacific Ocean. The island’s main airport, the Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport, is a major hub for United Airlines and a common layover stop for flights heading to North America. You can board flights headed to Guam from most major airports in Southeast Asia, with flight times taking around three hours at the most. And, the price of an airline ticket is comparable with a flight to pretty much anywhere else in Asia. However, bear in mind that since it’s a U.S. territory, you may need a U.S. Visa to visit, depending on where you’re flying from.

#2. Stunning Yet Affordable Hotels and Resorts:

When it comes to finding somewhere to stay, Guam has a wide range of hotels and resorts to suit everybody’s needs and budgets. There are several three- to five-star hotels located around the coast in beautiful beachfront settings. And, the hotels are mainly American chains, with very spacious rooms and great service. Hotels in Tumon range from cheap and cheerful budget-friendly stays to luxurious resorts complete with infinity pools, hot tubs, and all-inclusive room service options.

#3. It’s Easy to Get Around:

Thanks to the convenient and inexpensive public transport options, getting around and exploring as much of the island as possible is easier than ever. In fact, it’s easier than getting around in a major city such as Hong Kong and Singapore, which are renowned for their accessible public transport options. If you want to get around cheaply, the shuttle bus is the best option. It costs just $3 per day or you can get a weekly ticket for a discounted rate. If you want to get to a specific destination quickly, the flag-down rate for taxis on the island is just $6. There is also a wide range of car rental options to choose from.

#4. Enjoy Beach Hopping:

Beach hopping is certainly one of the highlights of visiting Guam; get a rental car and stop off at all the amazing beaches around the island. Or, visitors without a rental car can choose from several island tour options. Many of the beaches are quiet and serene, making it a perfect activity for anybody who wants some privacy and relaxation.

#5. Take a Submarine Expedition:

Last but not least, don’t miss out on the awesome submarine adventures on offer. Admire the stunning coral reefs from 20-40 meters underwater and explore the beautiful sea life. But act fast – submarine expeditions are very popular with both locals and tourists, so they sell out quickly.

Will you be putting Guam on your travel bucket list?

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