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Places with Best Sunset and Sunrise in Kerala

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Kerala has been adorned with the title of ‘God’s own country’ by the people who witnessed the charms of this state. The natural beauty, beaches, backwaters and Ghats make it a desirable travel destination for Indians as well as foreigners. One can find lots of tourist places in Kerala hidden in the state’s bosom.

Low population levels, natural forests and pristine beaches make it a perfect place to adore the beauty of natural phenomena such as sunset and sunrise. There can be nothing better than cherishing the beauty of sky when its colours are changing from lighter shades to darker hues during sunset or seeing the first rays of fresh sunlight during sunrise. Only imagining this can make us feel much better and happier!

If you are a nature admirer, then you are on the correct tab right now! Yes, we are going to disclose the best tourist places in Kerala where you can enjoy sunrise or sunset.


Ponmudi is one of the most enthralling hill stations of Kerala. Located at an altitude of 3600 feet above the sea level, Ponmudi is a famous peak of Western Ghats. You can easily reach here as it is just 55 km away from Thiruvananthapuram.

The literal meaning of Ponmudi is the golden peak which complements the beauty of this hill station very well. This place is blessed with charming natural panoramas, and one can also enjoy the sunset and sunrise here due to its height.

Feel the proximity with the sun as you will watch it slowly drowning in the sea of clouds just near you!

Marine Drive Kochi:

The marine drive of Kochi is considered a very romantic destination with an abundance of greenery and crystal clear waves of the beach. Its beauty attracts tourist just like a magnet attracts iron elements.

You will find this beach crowded with people especially during the evening as the sunsets are very popular here. Youngsters of the city usually come to hang out at Marine Drive. The illumination of final sun rays falling on the leaves of trees and seashore will make you vulnerable enough to confess the true emotions in front of your loved ones. You can also catch that beautiful sight during the sunrise in solace as there will be fewer crowds.

Kovalam Beach:

We can’t miss mentioning Kovalam beach in this list as people count it amongst the popular holiday destinations of Kerala. This beach is appealing to eyes due to a crescent shape outlined with tall palm trees on one side and sparkling water waves on the other.

The fresh breeze coming from the Arabian Sea soothes the mood of every visitor. When it comes to a relaxing vacation, Kovalam Beach is the top choice of tourists. You can find people sunbathing, playing in the sea water, enjoying massages and chilling at this beach.

Lay down with your partner on the moisturized soft sand to watch the sun sinking down into the horizon. Kovalam beach is also famous for its fascinating sunrise view.

Varkala Beach:

Beaches and backwaters are the specialities of Kerala and people come here to savour the alluring natural vistas. Varkala is a beach town situated at a distance of 50 km from Thiruvananthapuram.

People consider this beach holy and say that the sea waves here hold the miraculous power of washing away all your sins. But the stunning view of first sun rays and captivating sunsets makes it look really sacred just like heaven!  Due to the holy powers, this beach is also known as Papanasam beach.

Don’t forget to capture your snaps in the magical atmosphere during sunset. These images will make your profile flaunt out of the crowd!


Alleppey or Alappuzha is a famous destination packed up with numerous beautiful beaches. It is also well known for water sports, backwater and houseboat.

Just imagine yourself sitting in a luxurious houseboat with your family in the middle of deep backwaters and beholding the reflection of the half-drowned sun which has infused a golden shine in each water wave.

The golden looking water with slightly dark sky will be as enchanting as a fairy-tale! You will feel like admiring such a view even if you have never felt attracted towards nature. Yes, that’s the power of natural influence which anyone can witness at Alleppey. If you wake up early, then your eyes will get a treat with the view of dim orange ball gradually turning into a bright yellow fireball as the sun rises.

Fort Kochi Beach:

Fort Kochi Beach is also a popular tourist spot with its beauty, fisher boats and their Chinese fisher nets. Sunrise looks very distinct here with the sun fitted under the fishing nets and gradually struggling to rise above it to lighten up the entire city. Don’t worry if you missed the sunrise due to your sweet sleep.

You can view the same struggle of the sun and sky touching net frames in the evening during sunset. But this time, the sun seems too tired and sleepy just like you were in the morning. (Sun? sleepy? don’t think too much, just kidding) You can enjoy these views with eating some snacks from stalls or just walking near the seashore while collecting few seashells.

The list of destinations is way too longer but, there is something wondrous in each destination of Kerala. The beauty of Kerala will never cease to amaze you and will surely make you a fan of this city.

The amazing view with generous Keralites and healthy atmosphere is perfect for any vacation. So, start consoling your loved ones for this awesome trip or you can just ask them to read it! Come on, you can’t afford to miss a destination like Kerala.

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