Protect Your Credit Cards Against Identity Theft

Credit cards allow you the ease of doing financial transactions. They eliminate the need for physical cash giving you the security of not carrying huge sums of money in person. However, ICICI Credit Cards are prone to frauds and thefts. Multiple cases of online fraud, data theft, and identity theft are rampant everywhere. Identity theft is the most hazardous. If your credit card details fall into wrong hands, you would be prone to theft and unauthorized activity using your card. So, you should always protect your credit card against identity theft. Here’s how you can Protect Your Credit Cards Against Identity Theft –

• Use the card only on secured websites

When using your card for online transactions, make sure you use the card only on secured websites. Secured websites are those which have ‘https’ written in their hyperlinks. The ‘s’ is short for ‘secured’ and depicts that the website is secured against online malpractices.

• Have a good password and change it often

Your credit card password or security key should be complex so that it cannot be guessed or deciphered easily. Moreover, you should keep changing the card’s online passwords or PINs regularly to avoid possible frauds.

• Never share your credit card details with anyone

One of the most common ways of identity theft is when you get bogus calls asking for the details of your credit card. Once you provide the details you give fraudsters good opportunity to steal and defraud you. Your credit card details are confidential and should stay only with you. Never provide your card number, CVV number and/or the expiry date of your card to anyone.

• Never let your card out of sight

Fraudsters can duplicate your card through specialized machines and then use your card for fraudulent activities. That is why you should never give your card to anyone without you having your eyes on it the whole time. Never let your card out of sight or you never know when your card would be duplicated and you would fall a victim to identity fraud.

• Monitor your credit card statements

Your credit card statements are issued not only for showing you the outstanding credit card bill but also to show you the transactions done using the card. The statement gives a detailed description of your transactions and so you should always track your credit card spending thoroughly. Check your statement to confirm the transactions you have done. Any discrepancy would show you a possible case of fraud and you should be on the lookout for the same.

• Report the loss of your card immediately

If your wallet has been stolen or you have lost your card, report the same to the credit card issuer. The report of the card loss or theft should be made immediately. When you do so you block the card and put out an alert. If the card is used by any unauthorized individual the transaction would be declined and you would be protected from possible frauds.

So, always use your credit card with care and vigilance. Take the above-mentioned steps to protect your card against identity theft and avoid any possible financial nightmare.

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